Polo shirts are back in style. These classic piece of clothing suits everyone regardless of the gender. When it comes to wearing polo shirts by the ladies, there a number of ways you can style it. These shirts are versatile and can be worn for all occasions. You can play with polo shirts to create a feminine or a sporty, whatever your mood is at the moment you can change it up to match it. From work to a night out with your girls, polo shirts are the way to go. Don’t believe me? Well, here are 10 different ways to rock ladies polo shirts for every occasion. Check it out!


  1. For a casual look you can pair your polo shirt with ripped jeans. This is a fairly easy look to create with a touch of elegance. You can also add a statement coat and slip into pointed pumps for a stylish weekend ensemble.


  1. Keep it fun and playful by pairing it up with a voluminous skirt. You can either wear a lace-up stilettos for a runway-ready look or wear sneakers for a sporty feel.


  1. Match a white polo shirt with high-waisted trousers for a more masculine outfit.


  1. Striped polo gives you a funky style and look. You can color coordinate to make cool pairings.


  1. Talking about color coordination, if you think your outfit is lacking something or a color pop, you can switch your top with a bold colored polo shirt. Forgo the ordinary look!


  1. Wish to keep it simple but attractive? Polo shirts are versatile. Style yourself with ease by pairing a polo shirt with simple dark skinny jeans and accessorise with eye-catching clutch. You are ready to for the day’s battle in refreshingly simple style.


  1. Need to dress up? Not a problem. Match your polo shirt with a midi skirt or a full one and don your best bow heels for a charming feminine look.


  1. For a sportier look, wear your polo shirt with shorts and pair it with sneakers. Accessorise the look with a baseball cap. Voila! You are looking dapper in a cool sporty kind of way. Not that difficult to pull it off isn’t it?


  1. Who would have thought you can have a biker vibe wearing a polo shirt? But when you go all black with your jeans, polo shirt and a moto jacket, a toughened up version of you is staring back at you when look in the mirror and the world sees it too!


  1. Switch your white button down for a white polo shirt and combine it with a black pencil shirt or a black fitted pant. White polo shirts look clean and crisp which is perfect for your work look.


These were the 10 most popular ways to wear polo shirts by women, however there are still more styles in the wardrobe. And I am sure you have got your own way of styling for polo shirt up your sleeve. Now then, are you ready to don on your best pairs and share with us your favorite polo shirt look for women?