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We have a great selection of quality sportswear that is suitable for all ages and sizes. We cater to a variety of organizations including large and small companies and schools. Whether you are looking for school sportswear or local team sportswear in Adelaide, we have sportswear that is perfect for your needs.

We carry United Hoodies for kids which are perfect for teams at school and outside of school. These hoodies can be embroidered or printed with your team logo or the child’s name and number or whatever else you would like decorated on the clothing. This is definitely something that we can discuss with you when you contact us with your inquiries.

Sports clothing is a popular choice for large companies that have an in-house gym. The items that we offer are nice and can even be worn for everyday wear in some jobs. If your company has people working in a more casual atmosphere, you may want to order certain clothing for your employees. This is one way to ensure a uniform and team atmosphere.

We offer sportswear for women including ¾ length pants, full leggings, shorts and caps. Women love the versatility of these types of clothing items because they feel comfortable and relaxed. When they are more active on the job these kinds of clothing items can ensure that they have the freedom to move. Caps are perfect for those windy days outdoors when people are outside and want to keep their hair out of their face.

Customised Sportswear 

Sportswear for men is a good option for men who work in casual dress jobs and need to be able to move freely. We understand that employees have needs and companies want to meet those needs. That is why we help you with what is needed for clothing options. We provide a wide range of choices and are happy to customize those orders as needed. We can offer what you are looking for when it comes to logos and embroidery and we can ensure that each item is offered in the right size for each member of your team or company.

If you do not see what you are looking for when you explore our sportswear page, please contact us. We are happy to discuss your needs with you and then let you know exactly how we can meet those needs. We offer sizes from small to 5XL which covers every size that most companies or teams need. Order an item for each team member and then extra items for coaches and team assistants.

Our sportswear, once embroidered with your company logo also makes a nice gift for clients and customers alike. We know that you will take pride in offering our sportswear as a gift to clients and customers, and they will appreciate the sentiment. Contact Corporate Uniforms & Workwear today to find out the cost of your potential order. We can work with you to ensure that you are within your desired price range with embroidery and extras included.

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