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At Corporate Uniforms and Workwear we have a great selection of quality sportswear in Adelaide that is suitable for all ages and sizes. Whether you are a large or small company, looking for school sportswear or local team sportswear in Adelaide, we have sportswear that is perfect for your needs. If your company has people working in a more casual atmosphere, we offer t-shirts, polos, jackets and hoodies that can ensure a unified team atmosphere. 

Sports Uniform Suppliers 

Our wide range of womens and mens sportswear includes:

  • Singlets & Tees 
  • Polos
  • Jackets & Hoodies 
  • Bags
  • Shorts & Pants
  • Custom Made
  • Accessories 

Singlets & Tees

Singlets and t-shirts are a casual sportswear staple, with short sleeves and lightweight and breathable fabric, these styles are perfect for an active lifestyle. At Corporate Uniforms and Workwear we are Adelaide’s largest sports uniform suppliers of singlets and t-shirts. Whether it’s for a sports or work uniform, our singlets and shirts are suitable for all occupations and occasions. Create the look you want with a variety of branding options and styles. 


Polos are short sleeved collared shirts that suit a variety of occasions. With sportswear polos. your team will look stylish and feel comfortable in our lightweight, moisture wicking fabric. Browse our sports polos here or visit our huge range on display in our showroom.

Jackets & Hoodies

Whether it’s on a cold day, or before or after practice, show your team spirit in one of our versatile, comfortable sports hoodies or jackets. We carry United Hoodies for kids which are perfect for teams at school and outside of school. These hoodies can be embroidered or printed with your team logo or the child’s name and number or whatever else you would like decorated on the clothing. 

Hats & Caps 

With the powerful aussie sun, it’s important that work and sportswear includes sun safety and our customisable hats and caps offer the ultimate sun protection. Available in a wide range of styles, from wide brim hats to beanies for the winter, we have a style and range to suit every requirement. 


Whether it’s for carrying uniforms, equipment or gym clothes, a well sized, quality sports bag is a handy addition to your sportswear collection. Branded sports bags are a fantastic opportunity to make your logo visible. Browse our sports bag collection to find the perfect bag for your needs. 

Shorts & Pants 

Available in stretchy, cargo and tough material and available in men and women’s styles, our sportswear shorts and pants are suitable for all weather conditions and requirements. 

Custom Made

Sportswear is a good option for playing sports as well as for anyone who works in casual dress jobs and needs to be able to move freely. We provide a wide range of styles as well as customised sportswear. We can offer what you are looking for when it comes to logos and embroidery and we can ensure that each item is offered in the right size for each member of your team or company.


Playing sports without the right equipment can hinder your performance. We are Adelaide’s largest supplier of sports towels, running socks and other sports accessories. Not only are our water bottles, socks and towels high quality, but we can customise any accessory to suit your needs and help promote your brand or sports team. 

Corporate Uniforms | Sports & Active Wear

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Corporate Uniforms | Sports & Active Wear

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Corporate Uniforms | Sports & Active Wear
Corporate Uniforms | Sports & Active Wear
Corporate Uniforms | Sports & Active Wear
Corporate Uniforms | Sports & Active Wear
Corporate Uniforms | Sports & Active Wear
Corporate Uniforms | Sports & Active Wear