With the Winter Olympics, sports uniforms have become a focal point. Looking at what is trending from the recent games and converting them into every day sports uniforms, will set you apart from other teams. Here are some sports uniform ideas for 2108.

Find an inspirational design

The design of the Canadian uniforms has been inspired by the Canadian flag. The American team uniforms were inspired by classic Americana styles. One of the hottest ideas for 2018 is to have a meaningful inspired style highlighting the colours or even its shapes to your sports uniforms. Making your sports uniforms more than just sportswear is a trending in 2018.

One way is by looking at other designs for inspiration. Perhaps just take a small element and then by adding different colours, using different materials, embroider instead of printing and changing the original patterns are elements to consider when designing your sports uniforms.


We often mistake compression clothing as being tight but is technically designed and graded to assist with blood circulation. Compression socks have been worn on long flights to increase blood circulation in the legs. This same principle is used for athletes. Compression shorts concentrate on the upper legs. They have been worn by martial artists, skiers and even cricketers. To keep warm, swimmers and early morning gym enthusiasts often wear compression shirts.

In a Men’s Journal it was quoted that the tight-fitting capabilities of compression clothing allows athletes to “hold muscles firmly in place and improves their blood flow to their muscles, thereby boosting athletic performance”. The American freestyle ski uniforms showcased compression material that is sonic welded instead of sewn. Compression clothing is shown to be a trendy uniform idea for 2018.

Match your sport culture

The casual look of the American Snow Boarding team’s uniforms for the Winter Olympics has caused some controversy. While some people say that it was too casual, others disagreed and stated that the distressed denim pants reflect the snowboarding nature and their sense of community. When designing your sports uniforms endeavour to match the culture to your sport. A polo team would not be wearing mesh shorts and singlets. In 2018 create your sports uniform to match the culture of your sport.

Clean and simple

The NFL have been known to combine crazy bright colours and big, bold designs. In 2018 there is a trend to tone it down and make their sports uniforms clean and simple and giving it a more classic look. Designing classic sports uniform means the designs will stay relevant for many years to come.


Many uniforms seen at the 2018 Winter Olympics all had one thing in common: a hoodie. A hooded jacket, hooded jumper or even hooded vests have been part of the sports uniforms. The hoodie is one of the most fashionable sports uniform ideas for 2018. A hoodie can be customised to depict your team’s colours and using a logo makes them a popular choice.

Easy care and wrinkle free

Sporting activities are often hard on materials and easy to wrinkle and stain. Using materials that are easy to care for, but remain durable over time are paramount to a quality uniform. You want your athletes to look professional and this can be achieved by using easy to care and wrinkle free material.

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