With the weather heating up, the time is right to dress cooler on the job. When we say ‘cooler’, we mean temperature-wise, but there’s also no reason to skimp on style! In summer, polo shirts are popular to wear around the workplace—or even off the clock when you want to kick back with an edge of formality. The good news is that Corporate Uniforms issues bulk polo shirts, so you can order however many you need for this season!

At Corporate Uniforms, we have a range of men’s polo shirts, and plenty of polo shirts for women. We do custom polo shirts, so you can design them however you see fit. If you’re in need of some styling advice, you’ve come to the right blog. Here are three tips that will nudge you in the direction of the most stylish polo shirt for this summer!

  • Get the material right
    A polo shirt’s material is the literal fabric of its existence, so you need to get it right. For the sake of comfort, a lightweight, breathable material is always best! At Corporate Uniforms, our polo shirts consist of either 100 per cent cotton or a premium cotton blend. You can often tell the difference between a high-quality cotton garment and something that’s been been hacked together with a cheaper material such as polyester. 
  • Get the colour right
    At Corporate Uniforms, we’re advocates for single- or predominantly two-toned polo shirts. A garment in a solid block of colour is a solid wardrobe staple—you can dress it up or down to the occasion at hand! If you’re opting for a base colour, ensure you get it right—be it for your workplace, your personal wardrobe, or for multi-purpose use. The colour you choose should reflect your organisation (perhaps reflecting your logo or business branding) or personal style preferences. We love neutral or darker tones such as black, blue, or white because these colours are so versatile.

Get the right fit
Once you’ve nailed the material and colour, it’s time to find the right fit. The fit can make or break the whole look, so it’s important to choose something that’s right for your body. If you choose something that’s too tight, it may pinch in all the wrong places and restrict your movement (as well as your styling choices). If you choose something that’s too loose, it may look and feel like an art smock. Find your ideal fit in something that gives a supportive hug without suffocating you.

Corporate Uniforms | 3 Tips for Choosing the Most Stylish Polo Shirt This Summer

If you want to do polo t-shirts your way, we have wholesale polo shirts ready for you to design and order. You can customise your polo shirt to reflect the brand of your workplace, social club, or sports team! Browse our range here, and if you like what you see, your own customised batch is just a phone call away. You can contact Corporate Uniforms on (08) 8342 9422 or request a quote to get started.