Whether you are just starting up a business, have a new idea you want to share or want to grow a local business, creative and impactful advertisement is important. Local and new businesses do not have the luxury of funding huge global and social campaigns like the giants do. But that is not to say, you cannot find innovative and unique ways to successfully drive your brand and get recognition.

There are various marketing and advertising techniques that you can use to engage customers and encourage them to buy your products and services. We believe that one of the strongest promotional strategies you can implement into your business plan is one that is effective, inexpensive and fulfils a long-term strategy.

And we know a way to create a solid, professional and sophisticated business image that is timeless, inexpensive and effective. It all sits within using promotional products in a way that is clever and to your advantage. From having your logos on clothes and accessories to flashing up on people’s key rings, there are various promotional products that can be utilised as an advertising tool.

Use the products in the following list to promote, advertise, interact and reinforce your image.

Mugs and Drinkwear

The first promotional product on our list is one that can be used by all- employees, customers and business partners. Mugs, drinkwear and containers when branded become marketing tools. A simple choice and an inexpensive option which can be used time and time again.

Around the office or even at home, mugs and drink bottles are a perfect way to make your brand’s logo or image memorable and seen. When somebody sees your logo or your company’s name on such a product, it will encourage them to research into your services and potentially become a customer.

Why not give your clients a branded mug the first time you meet with them? Having branded mugs and water bottles on the coffee table during a business meeting will help engrave your business into the clients’ mind.

A friendly souvenir that you can give to your customers or a desk accessory for your employees, having your brand properly advertised on such products means you have a physical advertising tool for a long time.

Pens and Stationery

Ask yourself how many pens you have floating around in your work drawers and in your house… Now, ask yourself how many times you have used a pen that is a promotional tool. Most often you will find yourself using a promotional pen with a business’s name and logo.

Nearly every business uses pens and desk accessories as a way to advertise their brand. These are more subtle forms of promoting a business or a brand. And again, it will encourage research and may attract new customers.

Similar to mugs, pens can become a desktop accessory that effectively shows your business logo and name. These are something you can give to customers and clients. Well, essentially anyone. It is also seen as a smart move to have employees use branded stationery items form the company they work for.

Travel Items

What’s a better way to advertise than to have your employees actually wear your branded products? No matter the business or the service you offer, whether you are in a corporate setting or on a construction site, employees are often travelling to and from work, visiting different cities for work, meetings and conferences.

When they wear uniforms or even casual wears, caps, use bags and products with your company’s logo, people who come in contact with them are bound to be curious about the brand and possibly enquire about your business, services and products.

Have your employees wear your brand in case they bump into the right person.

You never know who might be in need of your services at networking events, airports or other business meet-ups.

Caps and Other Accessories

Similarly, caps and other clothing accessories with your company logo can be used as a way to subtly reinforce and showcase your brand. Whether you hand them out at events or have your workers wear them, people will remember your business.

When you throw a promotional event for your business whether it’s an advertising strategy or you are fundraising, handing out caps to customers will make sure they are bringing home something that will help them remember you.

Alongside providing high quality products and services to your customers, showing you care about them and are passionate about what you do, while maintaining good relationship with the stakeholders, promotional products aids to widen your chances of attracting new customers.

Although it may seem like a traditional and simple way to promote your business, it is a technique that works and continues to be implemented by global companies. Promotional products helps in raising brand awareness. And if you need one, contact Corporate Uniforms & Workwear for top quality and custom made promotional products well suited for your business. Call 08 8342 9422 today!