Want to look smart and casual at the same time? Polo shirts are the perfect fit. These are few of men’s favorite piece of clothing and we know they’re yours as well. Polo shirts are a great alternative to shirts. We have seen many fashion icons sporting these shirts on different occasions.

From suits to swim trunks, you can match it almost anything and look good. You don’t even have to worry about your body’s shape and size as its collar helps in making it suit for everyone. If you want to go with an effortless summer look then a white polo shirt is the way to go. Besides that, you can choose from these 5 great polo shirt looks for men for various events/occasions.

5 Effortless Polo Shirt Looks for Men

  1. Polo Shirt with a Suit

A plain polo shirt without a logo or a chest pocket on it works best for creating a cool suit look. Find one that is slim fitting for your body and wear it under a suit jacket. You can also switch to white polo shirt instead of wearing a white Oxford shirt and still look casually smart. You can play with colors like mixing a black polo shirt with grey and navy suits for great look. You can easily carry off polo shirt with a suit for a casual yet formal look at weddings and race days.


  1. Combine polo shirt with smart shorts and lace-up shoes

This is a great summer look for the office. Get a plain yet smart shorts that you normally wear for the office, and pair it with a light-colored polo shirt. Everything compliments each other from the shirt to shorts and shoes. You can also pair up polo shirts with chinos or light trousers in summer for a day at the work.


  1. Polo shirt with chinos and slip-on shoes

For a more versatile look, mix polo shirt with well-fitted chinos in nice colours. This is a cool look that can be made either smart or casual. You can wear a jumper or a jacket when the temperature drops while the slip-on shoes keeps it comfy and casual. But if you want to go out for a nice dinner, put on a well-fitted blazer and switch to desert shoes for a refined look. This outfit combination is handy when you aren’t sure about how your day’s going to turn out and you need to be ready no matter what.


  1. Polo shirt with jeans & jackets

Dress up for your first date while playing it cool and casual. Step-in in casual denim jeans and minimal trainers with polo shirt and utility jacket (the utility jacket is similar to blazer yet it’s not too official looking and same goes for the polo shirt). If the date or the place needs you to be more formal then you can play with more formal shoes for a stylish look.


  1. Polo shirt with jersey shorts

When you want to feel good and look the part without giving up the comfort, slip into polo shirt and jersey shorts. These particular shorts are flexible and soft while also looking trendy compared to other plain shorts. As for the shoes, you can wear a pair of either trainers or a boat shoe. This is a cool look for a weekend gateway.


And there you have it, our 5 cool looks for men in polo shirts. We hope you have now a general idea on how to wear polo shirts with a flair. Stay on top of men’s fashion & always look your best!