Sportswear, also known as athletic wear, is clothing designed specifically for physical activity. The options available these days are endless – from running shorts to yoga pants, sports bras to compression sleeves, tank tops to basketball shorts sold by almost every store in Australia…how on earth does one choose what to wear? And from where? 

Where Can You Buy Cheap Sportswear in Australia?

Sportswear is available in almost every store however, retailers such as Kmart, Big W, Target often offer cheaper sportswear. You can also opt for online retailers, second-hand clothing, outlet stores or end of season sales. But, it’s without doubt that we should be getting our money’s worth. Even though cheap sportswear feels good for our pocket, branded sportswear brings a range of benefits. Here, we’ll be discussing the six advantages of branded sportswear and why you should invest in it. 

  • Performance

Many sportswear brands have your interests in need and so,  they heavily invest in research and development to create clothing and gear that will enhance your performance. They may have certain ranges for moisture-wicking clothing, muscle compression or with increased ventilation or enhanced technology. 

  • Quality

When you are spending money on clothing, you would want your purchases to last, right? The fabric of your sportswear is important, as it must be withstandable. The quality of branded sportswear is usually of a higher standard than regular, cheap sportswear which means it will last far longer. 

  • Comfort

Comfort is the core of it all. When you are getting your ‘healthy-on,’ you want to feel comfortable. Different sports call for different types of clothing. For example, running requires lightweight and breathable clothing that won’t weigh you down or cause you to overheat. On the other hand, pilates requires clothing that is stretchy and won’t restrict your movements. Branded sportswear is usually adopted to specific sports for your maximum comfort. 

  • Style

Branded sportswear have a substantial emphasis on the style and fashion of their clothing, compared to cheaper sportswear. When it comes to style, sportswear has come a long way. Gone are the days of plain, boring athletic wear. If you’re also somewhat of a fashion idol, or enjoy looking good while working out, branded sportswear boasts a variety of styles, colours and designs! You may even find that it skyrockets your motivation. 

  • Professionalism

For more advanced athletes, branded clothing often exudes a strong sense of professionalism as the clothing is cohesive and polished. For teams or organisations, branded sportswear is a method of conveying that they are skilled and trained. It expresses a sense of community, uniting athletes together under one team or name. 

  • Recognition

Have you ever bought something because someone you admire has bought it too? Often, branded sportswear is used as a means of recognition. It can usually express someone’s loyalty to the brand or if a specific team uses a brand, their loyalty to the team. Branded sportswear provides a subtle method of communicating support. 


Branded sportswear is an excellent investment for any physical activity enthusiast. And, with so many options available in stores across Australia, it’s worth it to choose sportswear that is of high quality, comfortable, and stylish. So, go ahead, pick out your perfect sportswear, and hit the gym or track with confidence!