Are you shopping around for the perfect nursing uniform for your staff? Perhaps your staff is running low or you’re looking to update uniforms that were bound to wear out.

Whatever the reason we want to make purchasing the perfect uniform easy. After all, nurses don’t have time to shop around – they’re too busy being real-life superheroes!

Such a demanding and rewarding job requires a uniform that ticks all the boxes. Here’s what you should consider when making your next purchase.

Quality ensures durability

Scrubs are prone to getting dirty, so you need to buy pairs that wash up well and last long.

If you’re shopping for the cheapest option, rather than shopping for quality, your staff may be at the risk of throwing out their scrubs more often than they’re washing and re-wearing them. Choosing quality healthcare uniforms will save you in the long run.

The quality of a garment can be determined by its make and fabric. Nursing uniforms are commonly made from a cotton/polyester blend, allowing it to be both strong and durable.

Order plenty

At the end of a long shift, the last thing you want to think about is washing your scrubs for the next day. Therefore, it’s important to order enough scrubs so that each of your staff members has enough to last them a week. Not only is this convenient for their wash load schedule, it means they’ll have a fresh pair every shift, which encourages them to be comfortable and encourages their best performance on the job. This is especially useful for staff members that work on call.

Pockets are a nurses best friend

Pockets exist to make your life easier, so finding uniforms with plenty of spacious pockets is a nursing life hack!

Pockets are extremely handy at holding a nurse’s essentials for the job, and they help save time and energy by avoiding scrambling through a bag or running back and forth for the tools needed, especially in an emergency.

You’ll want to make sure your uniforms have pockets on the pants, and either the chest or sides of the tops.


Nurses work long shifts, so it’s essential their uniforms support this. Scrubs should be lightweight, agile, soft and made from quality fabric. This tends to be either 100% cotton, a cotton/polyester blend, or cotton with an organic stretch.

Well fitted

Your nurses opinions may vary on what’s comfortable, which is why you should offer a variety of sizes and fitting options – including ladies, men’s and unisex fit.

Scrubs shouldn’t be too baggy that they compromise safety, but they should be loose enough to give your nurses enough room to move around in comfortably. In other words, you want to be able to run, bend without your back showing, and do the job efficiently without any discomfort.

When purchasing online, it’s necessary to look at the size guide for reference.

Neck shape

This is dependent on your workplace regulations, however offering an option of different neck shaped tops allows your staff to choose what’s comfortable for them. Offering your staff maximum comfort, allows for increased productivity.

V-neck and round neck are amongst the options of choice.

Plain or embroidered?

Once again, this depends on workplace regulations. However, embroidery is a great way to make a nurse’s uniform less dull and boring, especially if they’re working with kids. A colourful embroidered logo can brighten a child’s day or distract them when getting treatment.

Embroidered logos can also be used to separate workplaces or hospital departments, and are a great way for your staff to show pride for who they work for and the job they do.

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