Have you been thinking about an ideal corporate gift for your team?
This year select a gift that is unique and special. Remember it’s a corporate gift and your team expects to experience the wow factor.
Choose a gift which complements their work or is useful.
Here are 7 top corporate gifts to give your team:

1. Polo

Why not customise your polo shirts? Simply add their name on the shirts and consider a design that is trending in today’s fashions. This way make it special.

2. Hats and caps

Bucket hats and caps make an ideal accessory These look casual smart and fashionable. Add your company logo as a point of difference.

3. Wine Glass Set

A Wine glass set is another gift item you may choose. Giving a wine glass set creates a classy impression and will definitely please.

4. Ceramic Espresso

A ceramic espresso set with a stylish mug, spoon and plate make a delightful gift. This set would look great on their desks. In addition, have their individual names printed on it for a personal touch.

5. Balman Gift Set

Gifting a notebook with a pen in a box always gives a special feeling and makes an excellent presentation. Again add your company logo and their name on it.

6. Desk Clock

7. Double Curve

Just imagine how proud your team will be when they can show off where they work while traveling to and from work. Give a good quality double curve. They will definitely love this gift.

Remember no matter how much you spend on gifts; it’s the effort and the meaningfulness behind them that’s important.

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