Uniforms are the first thing that your customers and clients will see. Making sure that it represents your brand and doesn’t leave your staff looking and feeling like a clown is paramount. Here are 7 ways to simplify your corporate uniform in 2018.

Be Classic

Fashion trends come and go. If you fashion your corporate uniform around a trend there is a good chance it will be out of fashion next year. They refer to fashion trends as a fad, because they do not last very long. This could leave your uniform looking dated, even if they are only a year old. Make sure that your corporate uniform is classic. One that will last the test of time. This will mean you won’t have to spend money to redesign it as often.

Show Your Colours

When you chose your logo, you also chose your brand colours. Why would you choose colours that do not identify with your brand? Base your uniforms around the colours of your logo. Making your logo colours a part of your uniform helps your customers to associate the service they have just received with your brand colours.

Make it Appropriate

When you are a bricklayer you wear protective shoes and durable clothing. You would not wear high heels and a crisp white shirt to the building site. Know what your staff will be doing on a day to day basis and make sure that your uniform is appropriate for those tasks. The comfort of your staff is an important factor when designing a uniform. This is because you don’t want your staff to be so uncomfortable that they find it difficult to work.

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Different Works Too

Often times we see companies choosing to go unisex with their corporate uniforms. This is not a problem. It also does not mean that you can’t offer different uniforms for the men and women. If you look at the Qantas uniforms over time, they have always had a separate uniform for their male and female staff. This is a great choice. Having options for your staff to choose from in terms of uniforms allows them to pick what they feel comfortable wearing. This also allows you to maintain your brand while your staff feel more of a connection to your company.

Match your Market

Sometimes your HR objectives don’t always match your Marketing objectives. One thing to look at when designing your corporate uniform is to make sure that it serves the objectives of both. Marketing your uniform to reach your target market is one aspect you need to look into. You also need to ensure that it meets your HR objectives and its purpose.

Throw in a Business Shirt

When you picture corporate it will most likely include a business shirt of some type. These can be easily be branded either with your branded colours or an embroidered logo. An added bonus is that business shirts are available in men and women cuts, making it perfect to meet number 4 of our 7 ways to simplify your corporate uniform in 2018. They look professional, classic, comes in male and female styles and can be easily branded with your logo colours. Throwing in a business shirt to your corporate uniform mix can be the simplest way to update your corporate uniform.

Block it out

Too much colour and too many patterns can turn a person off when it comes to uniforms. Simplify your uniform by adding a block of a darker colour in your suit. This could be a navy blue or even a black. It can break up the colours and makes your staff look smart and strong. Darker colours are flattering to different shapes and sizes making it feel comfortable to more of your staff. A darker suit can be easily matched with a business suit, which could be coloured to match your logo or even patterned. Breaking these up makes it more simple and classic.

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