If you’re looking to design and order workplace uniforms for your staff, then you’ve come to the right place. Perhaps some shirts with your brand logo.

However, when deciding on a uniform, it’s necessary to consider how the weather will affect your staff’s comfort in the clothes they wear. A workplace uniform should be unified, but also flexible to suit the different seasons. Essentially, you’re designing an entire range to offer to your employees. Here are some suggestions about designing a uniform range.

Consider the formality of your industry

Take into account the nature of your business. Are you a white-collar or a blue-collar industry? What kind of garments is comfortable to wear while working and what are other employees in your industry wearing?

This will help determine how formal or informal your uniform should be when designing it.

A range of options

To suit the changing seasons, offer a variety of different garments to your staff. Include offering them a choice of long-sleeved shirts for the winter and short-sleeved shirts for the summer. These may be t-shirts, polo tops and business shirts.

Keep in mind that providing a variety of options is useful during the colder months, when extra layers are needed. While businessmen and women tend to wear sophisticated black over their business shirts, tradespeople go for a casual look and usually select hoodies.

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Materials to suit different needs

 When providing a range of uniform options, think about the fabrics whether they will be suitable for purpose. While cotton is popular and comfortable all year round, different materials maybe more appropriate for varying weather conditions.

In the summer, clothing needs to be lighter and airy. For example, our tradie Hi Vis polo shirts are breathable on days where you’re likely to perspire on the construction site.

During the winter, clothing worn is thicker, warm and rain resistant e.g. our business jackets are lined with polar fleece and are water-resistant.

Choosing clothing made from appropriate materials ensures that your workers are comfortable on the job.

Extra accessories

Consider offering your employees extra accessories, especially when they commute to and from work.

For example, you could provide beanies and scarves for the winter and caps and sunglasses for the summer. All these items can be branded with your logo.

By providing a complete work uniform range which includes accessories is a great incentive for your employees. It’s also an opportunity in maintaining your branding by ensuring that all garments worn have your logo on it.

Offering a complete range to your employees saves them shopping time for extra garments.

At Corporate Uniforms & Workwear and EmbroidMe, we offer an extensive range of work wear, which can then be personalised with your brand’s embroidered logo. For information on how you can order your uniform range, call us at 08 8342 9422 or visit our show room in Prospect, Adelaide.