When you’re working in harsher environments, trades wear that’s as tough and safe as your job demands is a very important factor into deciding the best and most appropriate work wear. Brands that specialize in trades wear such as Bisely Workwear, JB’s Wear, Hard Yakka and Syzmik can provide you and your business with top quality gear that ensures your safety and comfortability. Here we have established key benefits of choosing branded trades wear for your business!

Safety First

Deciding to go with professional brands such as Bisley Workwear and Hard Yakka ensures that your safety is top priority, factoring into the design of the gear. Years of experience in the industry also guarantees that such well-known brands have been continuously trying to produce the most effective workwear with the most reliable materials to suit their customers’ needs and more particularly, to keep them safe.

High Quality

Years of experience also means years of mistakes. Because of this, trades wear specialists understand the level of quality that is needed to produce top quality gear, especially to avoid previous mistakes Brands such as JB’s Wear and Syzmik are known to produce gear that are synonymous with quality, toughness and durability. These brands use innovative fabric technologies, which undergo stringent testing to ensure that the final product is of the highest standard and reliable.

Fashion Forward

You would never attach the words “fashion-forward” to trades wear, but if you really think about it, garments are always evolving into more reliable, comfortable and better pieces. Branded trades wear allows for various versions of a simple jacket. For example, the Mens Hi VIS Cotton Drill Jacket has different variations suited for other work environments such as waterproof jackets, day or night jackets, matching drill cargo pants and many more.


As a business, you want to make sure that your staff is not only safe but also comfortable in their workwear. For example, Syzmik’s Mens Rated Anti Static Water Proof jacket includes warm cotton lining, heat resistant zips and storm flaps for extra comfortability and protection. These garments are made intelligently, carefully and exceptionally, using reliable and durable materials which work best with those who work in hazardous environments. For top quality work apparel and gear offered at affordable prices, contact Corporate Uniform & Workwear in Adelaide. Contact us on 08 8342 9422 or write to us!