Being a member of a sports team or organisation can be emotional and it’s the same with wearing a customised teamwear for the first time. It signifies the determination to become successful as a team and pride to be a part of that team.

Custom designed teamwear has been used in sports for generations. These teamwears are custom made based on your team’s unique requirements and specifications. The saying “Clothes make the man” applies to teamwear as well. Custom teamwear is one of the simplest ways to effectively increase the confidence of your players, improve team’s moral and psychologically enhance athletic performance.

There are many benefits one can achieve from custom designed teamwear. Some of these benefits are as follows:

Look Good, Feel Better, Play Best

Athletes play their best when they feel good about themselves. And one of the easiest ways to boost their self-confidence is to dress them in teamwear.

Psychologically, self-esteem is a major factor when it comes to boosting performance. With custom designed teamwears, your players will not only look like champions, but they’ll feel like champions. And that feeling is the major first step in becoming an actual champion.


For a team, being recognised while playing in the field is a must. It helps the fans, team’s management, teammates as well as the official to distinguish one team from the other. For this separate colours used by the teams come in handy. And team logo ought to be clearly embroidered on the jersey that players are wearing.


Instead of settling for plain-coloured teamwear which doesn’t have any kind of design printed on them, designing and tailoring customised jersey for your team can result in great team uniformity. Wearing a plain colour teamwear may make the team look as one, but with logo and distinct uniform design, the jersey would be official and attractive. The overall clean and uniform look adds a nice touch of professionalism to the team’s image.

Team Unit

When team members wear their team uniform, they feel more connected with one another. Wearing something that characterise them as a single unit than just individuals can definitely make them act like a team. This helps strengthen an already strong team spirit and become representatives of their brand.


The tailored design of teamwears make them edgy, trendy, and stylish. In sports, channeling the competitive feel in the field makes a team more formidable. When teams choose to have personalised jerseys, they can make themselves look stylish, polished and cultured on and off the field. This helps set a confident atmosphere around the team members and even opposing teams can feel this energy.

Freedom of Design

Some designs can be intricate while others simple. When sports teams contact companies like Corporate Uniforms & Workwear who can produce customised prints for them, they can have anything printed on their teamwear and are guaranteed that all details will be there. Since there is much freedom on designs of teamwear, teams can be sure that their designs will be as exclusive as they want it to be! Out in the field, it is important to set your team apart from others, this can be achieved through custom designed teamwear.

Custom teamwear brings a sense of unity in teams. And with that, teams are more likely to work together to achieve a common goal. Give your team the identity of a champion and help them to build their morale with a custom designed teamwear from Corporate Uniforms & Workwear. For more information contact us via email at or call us at 08 8342 9422.