Nike have a knack of knowing the best places to brand their clothing. One T-shirt featured a gothic font with the word guilty on the front. If you turn the t-shirt around just at the nape you read in smaller text around the nape you read “for stealing your thunder, ruining your chances, destroying your game plan, breaking you down.” Followed by their swoosh logo.

Knowing the best place to place your brand on your clothing is important. It could be the difference between your customers knowing who you are and confusing you with another company.

Here are the best positions for branding on clothing:


The chest is the most common place to place branding on clothing. The left side is where you would normally see a logo. It is the place where customers are used to looking for a logo. So if you want instant identification this would be the best position for branding.

You also have the right chest available for branding. This is great if your staff wear a name badge on their right side. This is also a prime position if your organisation has two logos that they would like to showcase. Read more about the benefits of having embroidered polo shirts for your staff uniform.

Having a slogan or your name across the chest is also a very effective position to brand. It is clearly visible and allows you to use more space on the item of clothing.


Sleeves have fast become a popular position to brand your clothing. It allows you another area to print or embroider on without needing to over crowd the front of a shirt. It is also a great position to avoid buttons ad zips. This is a great position for branding clothing items such as polo shirts, t-shirts, tunics and hoodies.

The sleeves are also a wonderful space to personalize the clothing with a name for sporting teams. It can also include a team member’s number.

Across Shoulders

This position would be the largest for branding. In sports it is often where you would see the surname of the player. It is the space you would use for maximum exposure. They are perfect to use during a product launch or during a sales event. They can be printed on or embroidered. However because of the large space embroidery could be more expensive. You could choose to embroider a smaller area just below the collar to minimise on costs with the same effect. If you plan on using fleece then embroidery would be your only option.

Lower Back

The lower back is perfect to add a slogan, player’s name, team name or even a tagline. This area can be printed on easily. While it is possible to print on most items of clothing the most popular are the t-shirt, jumper, jacket and hi-vis vest.


It is common place today to see a small logo printed on the hip of a pair of tracksuit pants. You are even able to print your business name along the backside of a pair of pants, making it stand out. Clubs and societies often use the side of the leg on a tracksuit or shorts to personalise their clothing. It is a perfect position to place a club name, players name and number. For a more corporate look you could embroider a logo on the back pocket of cargo pants.

Caps and Beanies

These are excellent positions and products for branding because they are small enough to give away as corporate giveaways. They are also one of the easiest pieces of clothing to give away as gifts as they don’t need a size, and are small enough to be hand carried. You can print or embroider a cap or beanie with a logo, nickname, website or even a clever slogan.

A cap gives you space on the front for branding as well as a small area on the back. This is the same for a beanie. If you are looking for a give-away for a conference or event, then using a cap or beanie would be perfect for branding.

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