It’s an undeniable fact that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought about changes in the way we work and live – changes that many of us have never seen before. Indeed, remote work has become the new normal as people have been ordered to stay home.

Webinars and online meetings have become the usual in today’s time and day due to the recent pandemic. By choosing to host a webinar or conduct an online meeting, you choose to put yourself and your team in front of potential customers. Letting your customers know who you are and what your business has to offer starts with putting your best foot forward. As now you present your team in front of an online platform, the way you dress matters. Making a lasting impression starts with how you appear in front of the audience.

There are no doubts, by making a great impression, you make it possible for customers to find out what’s behind it. By nailing the image, you open the door to the substance. That’s why your appearance— including your clothing— isn’t just some superficial concern. During online meetings, it’s more likely that the audience will be able to see most of your upper body. For this reason, you can concentrate on putting together the perfect outfit for your upper body.

Although it would be more comfortable wearing a shirt and jeans, you can also maximise your team’s comfortability whilst choosing the right corporate uniforms this winter. As the weather gets chiller, here are some best winter corporate wears to choose from for online meetings and webinars:

Business Shirts:

biz collection for men

Shirts with full sleeves are an option for the corporate uniform in winter. With high quality tailored business shirts makes you feel warm and comfortable as well as helps you stand out in front of your audience online. Our new line of luxury business shirts shows class – as a result of refined fit, modern styling, and impeccable attention to detail. Ladies’ tops, as well as men’s shirts, are easy to wear and uphold that professional look and feel. It matters to make that first impression. To project style and professionalism, it counts what you wear.

With the endless choice for materials, colors, and designs for your tailored business shirts, we can come up with unique design and logo embroidery to leave a lasting impression for your corporate wear.


Business Polos:

Corporate Uniforms | Best winter corporate wear for online meetings and webinars

Business Polo shirts with company logo are a smart idea for your team’s online meeting uniform attire. Why? They signify professionalism, highlights your companies brand name and are smart looking when compared to a crew or V-neck t-shirt. The ribbed cuffs, button-down, and collar detail provide a good first impression and are cost-effective. And for warm weather, you can also pair this with a neutral-colored blazer, cardigan, or jumper.

You’ll be pleased to know that polo shirts are less expensive than what many people think. After all, no one wants to spend a fortune on work attire, no matter how attractive that might seem. We have a range of options at different price points so check them out on our website.


Dresses for women

Corporate Uniforms | Best winter corporate wear for online meetings and webinars

With live webinar software you can easily present yourself in the best possible way – just remember that perfection requires a fair amount of practice. As the quote goes, “unless you get in their shoes, you would never know”, you might not be aware of your employees’ struggles to find suitable outfits for meetings and webinars.

While prepping your outfit, don’t get over or underdressed, keep it simple and most important – comfortable

Keep in mind that providing a variety of options is useful during the colder months when extra layers are needed. While women tend to wear sophisticated outfits, they have wide ranges of dresses they can choose according to their style and comfort. Women can look chic and yet professional in these stylish dresses and also can pair them up with Knits wears.


Jackets & Knit wears

Corporate Uniforms | Best winter corporate wear for online meetings and webinarsDuring the winter, clothing worn is thicker and winterwear outfit is not complete without a proper jacket. It is a must, especially during colder days to keep you warm and comfortable.

Corporate Uniforms | Best winter corporate wear for online meetings and webinars

Since the weather is chilly, your team will need protection from the cold by wearing a fashionable knit wears and versatile jacket. Your team’s best friend this winter will be your business’ corporate jacket & knitwears. Some ideal styles of jackets include wool-blend jackets, men’s slimline or 2 button blazers, cardigan, and women’s longline blazers



Embroided Workwear


One great way to showcase your team spirit infront of the audience during a webinar or online meeting is the entire team dressed in an embroided workwear with company’s logo. When you provide a polo shirt or jackets that are embroidered, everyone enjoys wearing it because it is something that helps them to belong on the job, at your company, and on your team.

It also catches your audience attention and provides a good opinion about your brand and team.

We offer a wide range of designs for embroidered Polo shirts, Jackets and you can customise your order according to your specific requirements.

Lastly, your level of formality depends on your audience. The right outfit could be anything from a t-shirt, Business Shirts or Jackets. Some industries are more formal than others, and different audiences have different expectations. Dressing like them can boost your credibility as part of their crowd. People tend to like things that they already know, so adjusting your style to theirs will make you more reliable and convincing.

Strive to make an impression and allow your team to pride themselves in their uniforms even if it’s virtually. To do this, set your team’s minds at ease by choosing a high-quality uniform supplier that prioritises fashion as well as function.

Well, these are a few winter wears to choose from for webinar & online meetings.

Do you have your style ideas for creating that perfect corporate look without losing the warmth and comfort? Share your corporate winter fashion with us. We would love to hear from you.

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