What is a corporate complete package? Employees’ brilliant ideas plus power outfits!

When it comes to getting ahead, a professional image makes a major impact. Talk about wearing the right clothes boosting confidence enormously!

It matters to make that first impression. To project style and professionalism, it counts what you wear.

Corporate Uniforms | Biz Collection’s Newest Shirts For a Classy Look

For men, traditional corporate attire usually consists of wearing a suit. A dark suit with a crisp white shirt and a silk tie will get you the well-dressed gentlemen award. Women, on the other hand, can also wear a pantsuit. But they have several more options for formal office wear: a grey skirt suit, a navy-blue pencil dress, or a well fitted little black dress of an appropriate length.

Our new line of luxury business shirts shows class – as a result of refined fit, modern styling and impeccable attention to detail. It is most suitable for corporate or business uniform: ladies’ tops as well as men’s shirts are easy to wear and upholds that professional look and feel.

Corporate Uniforms | Biz Collection’s Newest Shirts For a Classy Look

Fabrics used are nothing but the best combination of cotton, polyester and/or elastane, a revolutionary clothing fibre. Cotton is a comfortable material that provides softness and freshness and breathes well. Polyester usually is crease resistant (does not wrinkle) and does not fade easily. Elastane, when worked with other fibers, can have an exceptional elasticity. The resulting materials is a fabric that can closely fit the contours of the body but still allow freedom of movement. Multi-function work wears also come enhanced with anti-microbial and cool effects. Other great features of our range include: functional stretch fabrics, adjustable flexi-waistbands, stretch linings, and internal embroidery access zips in tailored jackets.

Corporate Uniforms | Biz Collection’s Newest Shirts For a Classy Look

Contemporary styles: semi-fitted round neck, semi-fitted open neck, executive fit, semi-slimline fit among others together with contemporary designs and prints are carried in our line of versatile clothing: trendy, fashionable and functional. Our many design options with various fabrics over different styles are fully coordinated with accessories.

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To ensure that our uniforms and work wears are of top quality, our company have empowered qualified a full-time team to ensure high standards of excellence to provide you with corporate looks. If you are looking for the best, our extensive range of products will surely meet your requirements. We highly value superior quality control and we want this tangible in our range.

Go ahead and have an image update. Dress for success. Look the part. After all, the way we dress affects the way we feel. And the way we feel affects our ability to get things done and influence people.

For comprehensive catalogues of the full stock service range, you may request a quote and we will provide you with the best options for your corporate team.


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