Corporate apparel, dress codes and what staff wear to work can make a significant difference in any workplace no matter the industry. While some companies prefer flexibility over dress codes and uniform policies, many opt to supply their staff with branded apparel for everyday use or specific events. Here are seven serious advantages experienced by those who choose branded corporate apparel.

1. Builds Brand Identity

Choosing the most appropriate custom company apparel that reflects your business’ values is an excellent way to really build your brand identity and further your image. This can even be extended to accessories and branded office products that are most used by your employees. Employees and personnel are the face of a company that consumers will often recognise. It makes sense to invest in how your business is presented through the uniforms people wear.

2. A Sense of Unity 

Custom company and team apparel is an easy way to inspire a sense of unity amongst staff and boost morale. Of course, it’s important that you choose appropriate workwear that is comfortable for everyone to wear, professional and stylish. The last thing you want is for your corporate culture to be based on a mutual dislike for an ill-fitting or unflattering uniform!

Corporate Uniforms AdelaideImage Caption: Did you know medical scrubs and healthcare apparel can be purchased in a variety of custom designs? 

3. Improves Customer Experiences 

Customers will always appreciate staff members who are dressed in uniform and easy to identify – especially in a busy workspace or retail environment. Branded apparel is one of the simplest ways you can improve the customer experience.

4. Saves Time and Money For Staff 

Supplying your workforce with uniforms can help to cut down costs and time when it comes to your staff choosing what to wear. That’s why many companies favour standardised uniforms over a strict dress code that leaves employees with the responsibility of finding multiple work outfits. It is also an easy way to ensure your staff are always dressed accordingly. 

An extra benefit is if you work in an environment where staff may require changing clothing during a shift – or an accident occurs, having extra uniforms on-hand saves your employee the hassle of going home to change.

5. Promotes Health and Safety 

Corporate Clothing AdelaideImage Caption: PPE is important for safety but that doesn’t mean the choice of colours and custom designs cannot be customised to suit your image.

The most straightforward advantage of a uniform is complying with health and safety standards. If your industry is a high-risk environment, it is essential that your staff and any visitors to the site are wearing the correct gear and follow the most up to date OH&S standards. 

This can include items such as:

In the case of protective gear, it is particularly important that you get the correct sizing for the wearer to further enhance safety and prevent hazards such as tripping over loose clothing.

6. Additional Advertising 

When staff wear branded apparel and promotional clothing that is visible to the general public, potential customers or anywhere outside of the workplace, it can act as advertising. The best part about this is it’s extremely cost-effective compared to other forms of display advertising. Think about it, what’s cheaper: a billboard in a central location, or buying company logo apparel for some staff members to wear at an event in a central location?

7. Practicality 

On so many levels, choosing custom branded clothing is the practical choice. Once a company has settled on its uniform design, it helps to set the standard for the workplace, staff, clients, and even the general public as they become more familiar with the company’s image!


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