Branded business shirts are becoming increasingly popular amongst businesses of all sizes. That’s because branded uniforms have a range of benefits for companies, and even more so for small businesses. Not only do they promote brand awareness, but they enhance company culture for employees, management and customers.

Brands such as John Kevin, Gloweave, Vanheusen and Gear For Life offer a range of high quality business shirts to suit your uniform requirements.

Brand identity and promotion

Small businesses need as much brand promotion and awareness as they can get. So why not start with your strongest business ambassadors, aka, your staff? Branded uniforms and shirts strengthen your brand identity for both internal and external stakeholders.

Consistent employee uniforms also convey professionalism. Not only is this your small businesses chance to represent its brand logo and colours, but simply having a uniformed looked amongst employees is enough to communicate an organised and cohesiveness brand reputation.

A positive brand reputation is essential for all businesses, but especially for small businesses.

Unites staff

Branded shirts have a team building advantage amongst staff in a small business. Uniforms make employees feel like they belong, which is extra important for small businesses, as their role means even more to the business.

Builds work morale

Additionally, a united team spirit boosts work morale. In turn, this increases productivity and efficiency. A team of staff members who are proud to represent their employer, will work harder at their jobs. This benefits small businesses, which heavily relies on their small team of employees.

Easy for employees

Providing your employees with uniforms makes their work lives easier. This saves them both time and energy purchasing work clothes and coordinating outfits. This simple way of reducing stress amongst your employees also increases work morale.

Not to mention that this isn’t a hassle for the business either. A small business means that you won’t need to order many shirts, considering the amount of employees.

Strengthens customer relations

Since your business is small, chances are your customers will be interacting with the same employees each time. Having branded shirts makes your employees easily identifiable to customers, strengthens their perspective of your brand, and therefore, strengthens customer relations.

Choose comfort and cost

After considering the many benefits of branded shirts for small businesses, it’s time to choose the best shirts.

Considering that your order for your small business won’t be too large, you can afford to pay a bit more for better quality garments. High quality garments ensure durability, which saves your company replacement costs in the long run. This depends on the type of fabrics that the shirts are made from and how they’re woven. For example, John Kevin allows you to shop by fabric range, allowing you to choose the material, pattern and style that suits your business needs. They’re shirts are a cotton and polyester blend for maximised quality.

High quality garments also ensure comfort, which should be your number one concern for employees. Gloweave offers a range of shirt fits to ensure comfort. This includes business shirts with a contemporary fit and a slim fit.

A great way to brand your shirts is to use embroidery. Embroidered logos are durable, high quality and make a lasting impression. There are many advantages of embroidered shirts as they add real value to your business and employees.

For your branded shirt and uniform needs, Corporate Uniforms & Workwear offers a range of business shirts with trusted brand suppliers. We also offer embroidery services at EmbroidMe for your logo branding requirements. For more information, call us on 08 8342 9422.