It is extremely crucial for an employee to dress the part. There is a great difference between sending an employee to a client who is dressed well, compared to an employee who is dressed in your everyday favourite “t-shirt and jeans”. Although it would be more comfortable wearing a shirt and jeans, you can also maximise your team’s comfortability whilst choosing the right corporate uniforms this winter.

Here, we’ve gathered 7 tips to help you choose the perfect corporate uniforms for your team this winter with two main objectives in mind: quality and style.

1. Quality

It’s extremely important to base the judgement of corporate uniforms on the quality of materials and make of the product. Some materials to look out for include cotton, wool, fleece and leather.

The “make” of the product will reflect quality and value. How much are you willing to invest in the product and how often will you wear it? For example, leather shoes are considered to be an expensive piece of accessory, due to its quality and durability.

2. Layering = Versatility

Choose clothing items that work well with almost every other piece of “corporate item” that you own. An Oxford long sleeve shirt for both men and women, matched with either a pencil skirt for women or slim black slacks for both men and women can never go wrong. You can also pair this with a neutral coloured blazer, cardigan or jumper.

3. Consistency Is Key

It’s not always a good idea to deviate too much from the “status quo”. It’s important to comply with the standard colours and gear that is expected in your line of work. This will ensure your corporate brand is represented exactly the way it should be.

4. Include “Black” Items

Consider the colour scheme of your business and decide whether a black piece of clothing will match the colours? Well of course it will! Black will always be trendy as it works extremely well with every other colour.

Invest in either a black blazer, pant, tie, cardigan, jumper or shoe to add a “finishing touch” to your corporate uniform.

5. Make it Fashionable

Leave the basic and boring corporate uniforms alone. Strive to make an impression and allow your team to pride themselves in their uniforms. To do this, set your team’s minds at ease by choosing a high quality uniform supplier that prioritises fashion as well as function.

6. That Winter Jacket

Your team’s best friend this winter will be your business’ corporate jacket. Since the  weather is chilly, your team will need protection from the cold by wearing a fashionable and versatile jacket. Some ideal styles of jackets include wool blend jackets, men’s slim line or 2 button blazers and women’s longline blazers.

7. Winter Accessories

Consider winter accessories that your team would benefit from. A scarf can go a long way in keeping your neck warm. Not only are they great wind blockers, but they can easily complement your corporate uniform. Some recommendations for scarves include the polar fleece and acrylic scarves.

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