There are a lot of reasons why you need good, safety workwear. Whether you work in a trade or in the kitchen, it’s important that you are well dressed for your job.

Your uniform goes beyond looking professional and building business reputation when it comes down to safety so it’s crucial that you get it right.

Choosing the right safety workwear supplier in Adelaide can be difficult when there are many to choose from so here are some things to consider when contacting suppliers and picking out your protective wear.

It is important that throughout your research, you are looking for a supplier that meets your needs. Whatever the job is, outline exactly what you want from your workwear before you make the choice of contacting a supplier.

When you choose a supplier, you are essentially forming a business partnership. To make your job easier, it is best to choose someone that you are going to keep going back to so that you become a familiar customer.

When you’re skimming through supplier websites, browsing their websites or visiting their stores, keep these things in mind:

Are they a well known, trusted supplier?

There is no harm in looking into the supplier’s customers, their reviews, recommendations and testimonials. If they are a good supplier, they will have loyal customers that are open to reviewing their services. Their website and overall image will be a good indication of their reliability and professionalism so make sure you are reading their content and visiting their social media channels. When you are accessing their website, read as much information on them as you can.

What do they offer?

Make sure you choose a supplier that has a wide range of products in their catalogues. You want to go into business with a supplier that can consistently meet your needs and maintain any changes or updates to your business. Being able to pick and choose out of a long list of good products whenever you need is the key service that a good supplier will bring to your business.

When looking through their catalogues, there are various things to pick up on such as the types of protective garments they provide, types of fabric, visibility, strength, weather protection, padding and comfort. The more professional the business, the more options of protective workwear they will provide as they will have experience with working with a range of customers. Once you have contacted them, it will be noticeable whether or not they have a good knowledge of products and trusted names in fabric and workwear.

Who are their connections?

A good and quick indicator of a supplier’s success is to work out which brands and companies they are associated with. If the supplier has relationships or partnerships with other well-known brands, they will be able to provide a better service, their products will be of good quality and they will have a more extensive catalogue. Collaborations with other well known brands means that they have a good reputation and are easy to work with. This reputation and business behaviour will then be brought to you and your business.

What do they charge?

Like any other investment you make, it’s important to compare prices. Write down the prices of the top competitors and work out which supplier offers a better price for the services. This is also a good time to work out their shipping and delivery fees and their location in relation to your own business. Don’t be shy to call up and ask for quotes. Usually, big suppliers will be able to provide you with a quote depending on the number of workwear garments you are hoping to purchase and they will be known for beating prices. At this stage, you can also ask how efficient the process will be and what other services they provide – certified garments, quality guarantee, discounts?

Good, protective workwear is effective for your business for a number of reasons. Professional looking employees will help to bring a sophistication to your business. Part of your business’ image is having your employees look and feel great.

Protective workwear is so crucial in a number of work fields and it is your duty as a business owner to ensure that your workers are working in the safest environments possible. There are various regulations and guidelines for workwear in Australia, if you are not sure about them – just ask your supplier and they will be able to ensure that they are providing you with the necessary service.

Choose a supplier that makes sure your workwear and your satisfaction are their first priority when doing business with them. At Corporate Uniform & Workwear, we make sure that we are reaching your every request and we do this by respecting your needs and your time.

View our safety workwear choices and request a quote. We promise a timely response and professional service. With various Australian brand relationships from BeSeen to Van Heusen, we will ensure that you will be satisfied with our extensive variety of safety workwear and protective garments.

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