It’s crazy to think that we are already in the month of October! As we approach the end of a busy work year, it is time for workplaces to begin considering corporate Christmas gifts for their bosses, colleagues and employees. When it comes to Christmas gift giving, it’s not about how much you spend, but how much effort you put into the present. That is what makes a lasting impression.

This can include giving personalised gifts to each colleague based on their interests and hobbies. There is nothing like a personalised gift to make your employees feel appreciated for all of their hard work throughout the year. You’re likely to notice that a number of your employees enjoy a coffee or tea in the morning at work. Perhaps some can’t start their day without it, and the entire offices knows how much they love their coffee. Why not gift them with a Ceramic Espresso Mug or a Thermal Set? Both are appropriate gifts from colleagues as they can be used in the workplace.

Our Ceramic Espresso sets come with a stylish mug, spoon and plate. Small in size, this coffee set is perfect for the office desk and is sure to be used everyday. Our Thermal Sets come with a tall thermos, as well as two smaller, cup-sized thermos’ with handles. The set also comes with a carry bag. This gift is perfect for coffee and tea lovers while commuting to and from work.

To come up with a personalised gift idea, it helps to reflect back on your fellow employees. If you don’t know much about their personal lives, get them a corporate gift that they can use at work. Think about if there is something they are always using or saying, that could help you come up with an idea that they’ll love. For example, a great Christmas gift for a manager I once had was a pen, personalised with his name and the business logo. That’s because his work motto was, “Every good manager carries a pen!”

Our range of gifts includes a Renegade Pen Box, which can be customised with a name and company logo. We also have Balmain Gift Sets, which come with a pen and a notebook that can be used at work.

Lastly, a great way to leave a lasting impression is to give a Christmas gift that the person will actually use. You can’t go wrong with wine or beer glasses – almost every household has a nice set of glasses. Our Wine Glass Sets and Pilsner Beer Glass Sets both come with two glasses and a bottle opener. All you need to know is your colleagues drink of choice.

Another useful gift idea is an Orbit Glass Bottle. Made from glass, these bottles are more stylish and eco-friendly than plastic bottles. The bottles come in a nice cylinder box and can be used as a water bottle to bring to work.

Corporate Uniforms & Workwear are currently offering an exclusive range of corporate gifts, just in time for the Christmas season. Each gift can be personalised or purchased as is. Have a browse of our range and request a quote here. We recommend getting in quick and placing your order before November to stay organised and avoid any disappointment. Feel free to call one of our friendly team members on 08 8342 9422 for more information.