How many times have you heard the saying, ‘You have to dress and look the part.’ The uniform you wear to work is important in building your confidence, creating your image, and improving your productivity and quality of work.

Some businesses may not have a compulsory uniform. Instead, they may encourage their staff to create their own personal uniform in line with the nature of the company.

How do you create a corporate uniform that makes you look and feel like a boss? Here are some things to consider.

What is your work environment like?

Firstly, you should determine what your work environment is like and what other employees wear to work. This will help ensure your work attire is comfortable and that you fit into the culture of your company. Fitting into your company culture is important in accurately and proudly representing your brand, and encouraging a unified team in the office.

Determine whether your office is casual or formal. This will help you choose whether to wear neat casual workwear or a more professional business uniform. For example, whether or not the other men in the office wear a tie will help determine the company culture. As will whether the other women in the office wear heels or flats.

What impression are you trying to give?

The impression that you are trying to give will be similar to the culture that your office communicates. This will help determine how formal or how casual your work attire will be.

You should consider the message your uniform sends to customers and clients, as well as other employees.

Find your own style

Lastly, the key to the perfect uniform is to find your style. While you should follow guidelines as to how your office is expected to dress, finding your own style within those guidelines will make your uniform more comfortable and customised to your personal brand.

You can begin by choosing a colour palette or another consistent aspect of your uniform. For example, your work wardrobe may be made up of the same style of shoes or business pants, but in a range of different colours. This gives you consistency while also allowing you to mix and match garments based on colours.

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