It’s always blue or white shirts with black coats or polo shirts when we think about corporate uniforms. However, with the evolving fashion trends, the classic white shirts and polo shirts are not strictly representing the corporate dress for today.
So, is it a time to change your corporate uniform style? Let’s look at uniform trends for the corporate sector in 2019:

Capsule Wardrobe trend

Corporate Uniforms | Corporate Uniform Trends in 2019

The capsule wardrobe is a trend of some essential items in clothing which rarely goes out of fashion.

The corporate attire for 2019 will allow more flexibility for employees to match a complimentary piece in order to create a consistent but also a varied look for each day.

Identify with your brand

Use your creativity to identify your brand with selected uniform pieces. Having a logo on your uniform is generally accepted. How about customising the buttons or adding cuffs which align with your brand?

Employee requirements

Gone are the days when you just handed out a uniform to your employees. Today companies are giving more value to employee’s opinions on what they wear.

Corporate Uniforms | Corporate Uniform Trends in 2019

As the quote goes, “unless you get in their shoes, you would never know”, you might not be aware of your employees’ struggles to find suitable outfits which are comfortable for their work situation. For example, some tasks might require more movement which means that the clothing needs to be comfortable and flexible.

Company identify, easy to recognise and comfortable to wear

Today companies are embracing more comfortable styles and practicality, most brands are now adopting a “smart casual” look for their workplace.

Inspired Designs

There are many designs in retail stores which are mostly based on current fashion trends. Employees will definitely want to look their best, be considered fashionable and smart.

Corporate Uniforms | Corporate Uniform Trends in 2019

Why not try influencing the corporate uniforms with the latest inspired designs to make it more desirable for your staff.

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