The days are getting shorter, the chills are lasting longer; winter is quickly approaching and everyone can feel it. It’s no wonder that branded beanie orders are picking up by the minute. If you still haven’t included them in your business’ winter promotional product range yet, here are some solid reasons why you should get onto it, and quick.

Custom beanies for winter

1. Warm, Cosy and Perfect For Cold Weather 

Starting with the obvious, the beanie is the perfect winter accessory that will always go to use. Made from soft and warm materials with some room to stretch, a beanie is so easy and comfortable to wear that you can pop it on as soon as you receive it. The ready-to-wear case is strong for any accessory but nothing is quite as cosy or universally beloved as a cute, winter beanie.

2. Embroidered Beanies Wholesale Are Affordable

It’s a simple accessory that can easily be matched with all types of clothing regardless of whether it’s corporate or casual. No need to worry about spending extra cash on getting matching items or completing a set. Beanies are extremely affordable and can suit any budget, even more so at wholesale prices. If you are interested in promotional products that are practical, stylish and won’t break the bank – promotional beanies are the ideal choice.

3. Easily Make Your Own Promotional Beanie For Corporate Gifts or Special Occasions

Different types of businesses, companies and organisations may specially order custom embroidered beanies to use for special occasions or corporate giftware. If you’re celebrating a company milestone this winter or want to give your employees a practical gift at your End of Financial Year party, you may want to consider getting some embroidered beanies made.

4. Versatile: Branded Beanies Can Be Worn Almost Everywhere

Beanies are appropriate to wear in most environments: casual workplaces, sports or casual.

This extremely versatile accessory is even appropriate for some workplaces. Our promotional and personalised beanies end up in all sorts of workplaces including:

  • Offices
  • Jobs that require mobility across different sites
  • Outdoor work
  • Trades and manual labour jobs that are not too physically intensive (you would definitely overheat)

Beanies are NOT appropriate to wear in workplaces with formal, corporate or business casual dress codes. They can, however, still be gifted in these environments to be worn outside of work.

5. Custom Beanies Suit Everyone

You don’t need to worry about sizing, tailoring or returns and exchanges due to fit because beanies generally suit everyone. The only exception is children’s and adult sizing but even then, adult sizing is always a safe bet. If you need promotional products to suit a diverse clientele, large numbers of people or for everyone in your workplace, the beanie is by far the best choice.

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Order Your Custom Beanies Today 

For wholesale beanies, embroidered options and any other promotional beanie or corporate workwear needs, contact the friendly team at Corporate Uniforms and Workwear today.

You are also welcome to browse our custom workwear and accessories online. We are based in Adelaide with a Prospect showroom and an online store, so our custom embroidered beanies at wholesale prices are available Australia-wide.

Beanies FAQ

What are beanies made from?

A lot of the time, synthetic fibres are used to make beanies. This is ideal for wholesale orders as it is inexpensive and easy to clean. Natural materials that are used to make beanies include cotton or wool.

Are beanies supposed to cover your ears?

Generally, most people prefer to have their beanies cover their ears. It is more practical for warmth, as well as looks. It should ideally sit just above the eyebrows.