So, you’ve googled where to order custom-made sports apparel? Perhaps you’re after a uniform for your local team or merchandise for your office gym or charity run. Whatever the purpose, I’m glad you’ve stumbled across our blog.

Here at Corporate Uniforms and Workwear, our versatile range of products guarantee you’ll find what you’re looking for. We offer quality products at competitive prices. Most importantly, we collaborate with you to ensure your custom products are individualised and meet your requirements – we can incorporate your logo on to any garment.

Here’s a look at what’s available.

Winter is coming

We understand that you’re likely to be after some jumpers, jackets and tracksuit pants to block out the cold in the upcoming winter months.

A popular option, we offer Pace hoodies for both men and women. Available in a charcoal grey with fluoro lining, our Pace hoodies are both trendy and durable. They have three convenient zip pockets – two standard, and the third, on the right hand side of the chest. This additional pocket is perfect for carrying keys or an iPod or iPhone, reducing the hassle of your headphones getting tangled.

With the addition of your company’s logo, a unified look encourages a sense of belonging and boosts workplace morale. This garment would serve it’s purpose well if you want to gift your employees active wear to use at the office gym or to wear during workplace team building activities.

Also available in our range are Flash Track Tops. These zip jackets are predominately black with white stripes. They’re sturdy and able to block the cold out well, making them ideal for the outdoors.

Our range also includes standard fleece hoodies , a great option for leisurewear. Our hoodies can either be jumpers or zip cardigans, and offer flexibility with your choice of colour.

Hoodies are a great option for charity run merchandise to accompany a standard branded t-shirt. Not only does merchandising hoodies at a fun run raise more donations, it increases charity awareness, as people are likely to wear the hoodies again.

Working well with the fleece hoodies are our unisex fleecy tracksuit pants. These trendy trackies have elastic cuffs at the ankle and are available in the colour ‘forest.’


Regardless of the weather, shorts and t-shirts are a staple in the sporting world.

We offer three types of men’s shorts, each differing in comfort and colour. The Biz cool range are knee-length and available in the colour, ‘forest.’ Much like soccer shorts, the Sonic range of shorts are breathable and ensure comfort. They’re also knee-length and are available in white/gold. The third range, men’s Tactic shorts are your go-to for thigh-length sports shorts. We offer this style in navy. Considering dark colours tend to be more flattering, navy is one of the most common colours for men’s sporting apparel.

We also offer sporting polo shirts, a trendy alternative to a basic t-shirt. Available for both men and women, our polo shirts come in a range of colours and designs. For example, shirts can be either one colour or striped across the shoulders or sleeves with a second colour.

These two sportswear staples are perfect for both custom sports uniforms and barracker merchandise.

Active wear staples also include women’s leggings. We offer black leggings in both ¾ and full length.

Size matters

We understand that it’s our obligation to cater for all sizes. Our men’s clothing ranges from size S to 5XL. Our women’s sizing ranges from XXS and 2XL.

Little athletes

We’re catering for kids with our United Hoodies, available in black/gold, in sizes 4 to 16. These zip hoodies are essential for children to wear on top of their team uniforms, to and from their training sessions and games. Matching hoodies enhance the children’s sense of belonging, which is one of the most important elements of team sport. Additionally, the hoodies’ warmth and comfort make them ideal for the winter.


Our custom accessories include caps and sports bags.

Our Razor Soft Fit Sports Caps, available in navy, are great for summer training sessions or supporter merchandise for sporting teams.

Appropriate in size, the Razor Sports Bags can be branded and used for both kids and adult sporting teams. They can also be given to employees to use in the office gym. Both ideas show support and encouragement to your team, by providing a sporting essential.

Make your mark

So, you’ve worked out the logistics and decided on some garments. Now it’s time for the fun part – customising them!

When you think custom, you probably think of modern day printing. However, we agree that the ideal method for incorporating a logo is with embroidery.

Embroidery ensures quality. Unlike silkscreen paint, it doesn’t wear off, and therefore, gives the garment a lasting edge. It communicates professionalism and gives your sports clothing a more finished look.

Embroidery allows for flexibility. Not only does it work well on a very wide variety of materials, it can also achieve a range of designs and colours to perfect your logo.

Additionally, washing an embroidered garment is much less of a hassle than washing a garment with print. We know convenience prevails – parents; we’re on your side!

To enquire about our custom sportswear, you can contact us online or visit our showroom in Prospect, Adelaide.