One doesn’t need any evidence to notice that a sports team changes their outfit design every season. Gone are the days when people would jump into a field in a pair of old track pants and t-shirts. Nowadays we see athletes rocking sleek, branded technical sportswear and put-together designer training outfits.

A good design of sportswear makes an athlete feel confident, stylish and indicates their active lifestyle. Sportswear is a popular apparel right now, and there are options for everyone – cheap, premium branded, all black to glow in the dark neon-colored. One can get it from shopping malls to a small outdoor shop. But what really matters is the design.

So why does design matter in sportswear?

Fabrics and Materials

Before design, quality is still the priority in sportswear, and the material is important to consider. Fabrics used in sports apparel ranges from cheapest to luxurious, and supporting sportswear fabrics bearing qualities such as a moisture absorbing and breathable. Quality fabrics also help in keeping the temperature of athlete ideal and gives just the right amount of support and pressure.

When choosing a fabric for sportswear, it is important that you keep in mind the washability factor, sportswear needs to be washed regularly and higher quality fabrics often recover well after a wash and helps the garment keep its form. Design wise no one wants to wear tracks made out of too thin fabric – the see through kind.

The way it fits you

One of the main factor to consider in design is the fit – the apparel must sit well on an athlete’s body so that they don’t need to adjust it while on the field. The garment’s design needs to be practical and well tested – nothing is more annoying than when you have to adjust your tracks and shirts while playing or training on the field. Perfectly designed pieces fit perfectly on the wearer and remain firm throughout the activity.

The look

Yes, looks matter. If you spend a lot of time hitting the gym or doing sports, you may as well spend those hours in somewhat stylish clothing. To top off that, nice looking apparel can lift your confidence and give extra energy and motivation. One of the most popular design trends in sportswear recently has been the use of extra bright or neon colours. In fact, people use colourful sports clothing while playing or working out as it boosts their performance.

Team bonding and unity

Have you ever gone into the field with your team-mates wearing less than appealing or in different designs of sports apparels? If you have, you should know the experience. It definitely doesn’t look pleasing to the eyes, and also players don’t give their all-out having to play in rugged designs.

What about playing in an all set team colours? It definitely looks good, doesn’t it? A sleek designed shirt provides the feeling of unity in a team and looks intimidating to the opponents. And is definitely a boost for the team’s moral.


Styling is a major factor for anyone choosing a sportswear for themselves. With a variety of quality sportswear out in the market, the demand and requirements are also constantly increasing. People don’t prefer traditional style anymore, there are lots of sportswear design out in the market – from joggers to lose leg opening trousers, a hoodie with a full zipper and a half.  Designers are also becoming competitive in the styling part for the sportswear which means more good stuff for different consumers groups.


Versatility is the major concern when designing any sports apparel. For customers, it’s handy if the clothes are multi-functional and versatile, so that they can use the clothes for other activities as well and not just for playing sports or while exercising. This is one of the reasons why sportswear industry is booming in the current market as athletic pieces have recently been popular in the fashion industry. And for a lot of people who eat and breathe sports, the athletic gear often doubles up as casual daywear.

To put into practical use

In modern sports, the design of modern sportswear need to be based on practicality. For example, a basketball player prefers baggy shorts for their game but that is not applicable for sprinters. The main theme of a sportswear design needs to be – practicability and functionality.

Diver’s and swimmer’s apparels are designed in such a way that, it has strong water absorption and doesn’t let players feel wet whereas sprinter’s apparel reduce the air friction around them. And gymnast’s gloves absorb and reduce the sweat flow out of palm, and if the design is not right it may cause the palm to slide and may even cause life threatening accidents.

To sum up, it’s completely cool to indulge in awesome sportswear! If sports are a big part of your lifestyle, then you should definitely spend a bit extra on high-quality materials, great fit and designs that please you.

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