Winter is here and your office mates are starting to collect some fine winter pieces to stay in style, even with the chilling weather. If you are one of the look trendy-but-save money types, then time to unearth your winter pieces from last year

Here are how to dress up in style for office or work in the winter:

Do – Bundle and Layer

Layering is one of the trendiest wears in the winter, but not everyone can pull it off. You must stay creative to not overdress and end up unable to move when you get to the office or too bulky to marathon your way to work like ordinary days.

Bundle and Layer

Avoid – Overbundle

A common mistake during the winter season is buying a lot of clothing and putting them on altogether to feel WARM, but you end up feeling FUZZY.

You do not have to sacrifice warmth and comfort just to look fashionable. Always think, form, and function when dressing up for work. Puffy jackets hardly make you fashionable when you can’t stay at ease at work.

The ultimate fashion remedy for corporate workers is to invest in a coat or jacket that compliments your body and define your shape. For the active tradie workers, a puffer vest or a soft-shell vest is all you need on top of your long-sleeved uniform.

The warmth you get from your temperature-controlled standard workwear jacket will let you do away with unnecessary layers.

Do – Invest In Leggings

Leggings are warm and stylish. Leggings can be worn under your jeans. This will keep you from freezing to death. It can be paired with a long or dress like sweaters or midi dress. Leggings are perfect to keep you warm under your pencil skirt or overcoat, to keep that office authority look.

Invest In Leggings

Avoid – Colorful Leggings

Yes, you can wear leggings to work but keep the colour to black or grey. Never put on bright coloured leggings that distract your entire winter ensemble by making you look like an overdressed clown.

Do – Invest In Good Quality Boot

Some companies provide work boots for the labour industry. For the corporate setting, you can never go wrong with an ankle boot. Boots are the perfect companion in braving the snow and keeping your toes from frostbite.

Invest In Good Quality Boots

Avoid – Open-Toes Shoes

Winter is all about covering every inch of your body. Sturdy boots and winter-ready shoes keep your feet covered, warm and toasty.

TIP – Wear a sandwich bag on top of your socks to avoid getting soaked in the cold or wet sock.

Do – Stick With Basic Black.

Whether it’s shoes or clothing, black is classic and timeless. You can never go wrong with a black theme all throughout the winter. You can wear black to work and put on your beautiful scarves collection or showcase your colourful boots. Go with a black undershirt or sweater and put on your bright coloured coat for that instant royal feeling.

Stick With Basic Black

Avoid – Wearing Too Many Colorful Pieces At The Same Time.

Fashionable and trendy is the term to stay inside STYLISH. Anything more than 2-3 colours in a single ensemble falls under wacky and out of season.

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