Convenience is not just a trend in the hospitality arena. With the introduction of Uber Eats, the delivery of readymade foods has boomed. No longer do our customers need to rely on pizza to tide them over when hunger sets in but they can’t get out and purchase other quality options. An issue with many delivery services is the fact that there is nothing that distinguishes them from any other person on the street. Discover why embroidered polo shirts for your restaurant delivery staff are a necessity, not an option.


Your delivery team member is the only representation of your restaurant that the customer sees. Yes they talk to a customer service representative on the telephone to place the order, but the only person they see is the delivery person. It is through your delivery team that the customer sees and judges the level of professionalism that your restaurant represents. If you allow your delivery team to show up in ripped jeans and stained t-shirts, what level of professionalism does that portray?

An embroidered polo shirt is simple but effective in giving the appearance of professionalism. This is what will allow you to stand out from your competitors.

Won’t Fade

Printed polo shirts work well as a uniform. They are effective and show your customers your brand and represent your logo easily. An issue with printed products is that they can fade. Working in a restaurant environment will require your staff to launder their uniforms regularly. This means that the wear and tear on the uniform is put to the test. Printed logos and designs are not as durable as embroidered polo shirts and can fade at a faster rate.

Won’t Peel

One reason that people opt for printed uniforms is because it is a little cheaper than embroidered polo shirts. This is true. However, when you opt for a cheaper option, you are usually going to get cheaper quality. A result of having poor quality is printing that peels. A running team ordered printed t-shirts for their team to wear at a tournament. After the first wash, letters from the printed name began to peel off. This would be devastating for a professional restaurant. As we mentioned earlier, an embroidered polo shirt offers a professional look for your delivery staff. If you allow your restaurant delivery staff to show up in a shirt where the letters are falling off, what does this say about your business? What if some of the printing falls off into the food?


Working in the food and beverage industry can be tiring and very stressful. As an owner of a restaurant you are responsible for the uniforms that your employees wear. This means you make the decision on whether or not the uniforms are comfortable. Having a uniform that not only looks professional, but allows your team to move and do their work comfortably is what you should be aiming for. Polo shirts are durable and comfortable making it professional, easy to move around in and longer lasting than other t-shirts.


When you meet someone it is customary to shake their hand. This is more commonly done using our right hand. When we do this we block the view of the right side of our chest. For this reason many companies have strategically placed their logo on the left side of their uniforms.

Using an embroidered polo shirt enables you to brand your uniforms by strategically placing your logo on the left side of the shirt. Embroidery is great for use in small areas. This is why branding with embroidered polo shirts is easy to see and long lasting.

Protects Your Customer

There is nothing scarier than having a stranger show up on your door step. Protect your business and your customers by giving your delivery team an embroidered polo shirt. This makes it easier for your customers to identify that the delivery person is from your restaurant. It also protects your restaurant as you will be able to easily identify whether or not the delivery person is from your restaurant.

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