Seasons change. Wardrobe comes and goes.

It’s inevitable to keep workwear updated at the end of each season to keep warm or fresh as the need may be.

As seasons change, you sit down and tuck away all workwear you bought for the breezy, comfortable summer freshness while you go about your daily work in the office.

Fall workwear need not be expensive, it can be a list of some staple and essential wear, spruced up to make the weather bearable.

Dressing up for the office every fall remains a challenge. You need feeling comfortable underneath the layers of clothing and look professional and sleek even with the chilling weather.

Here are our office appropriate work wear must-haves that never go out of style (Yes, you can keep them for summer too.)

The Stylish Never Gets Old Black Coat

overcoat workwear

Fabric: 50% Wool, 50% Polyester – Cavalry Twill

Fall is about the power coat. It’s an essential must-have for that power look.
Get stylish and comfortable at the same time. Wool is nature’s great insulator and a vital fabric for colder climates, hence the perfect fall workwear.

Best paired with your corporate skirt uniform, your pantsuit and even your repurposed summer workwear.

The Casual, Yet Professional Ladies Cardigan or Men’s Pullover

origin merino workwear

Fabric: 100% Merino Wool -12 Gauge; fine yarn

As the temperatures start to drop, and with an element of style, comfort, and class, pullovers and cardigans are the way to go. A cardigan or a pullover is a great fall fashion item because of its versatility and ability to pair and suit with a wide variety of casual looking to a smart corporate ensemble.

The Casual and Playful Pleated Skirt

womens multi-pleat skirt

Fabric: 55% Polyester, 43% Wool, 2% Elastane

This classic corporate workwear can be spiced and spruced for a fall outfit. A pleated skirt is a top favourite for women in the office. It looks good with a pair of heels or with a pair of sneakers.

Look cool, chic and all composed underneath your overcoat or trench with a pair of a pleated skirt, an old-fashioned white shirt for that sassy, comfy look while you work in the cold climate.

The Lawson Chino Pants

lawson chino pant workwear

Fabric: 98% Cotton, 2% Elastane stretch fabric

These are not your basic work pants. They are comfy, trendy, and easy to wear. You can dress up or dress down with these pants during the fall season. Chinos are lightweight and tapered that give off a semi-formal look for those days when you just can’t dress up with a pantsuit to the office.

Be hip and trendy with this pair of versatile trousers, when you report for work. They offer comfort and ease of movement during the colder seasons.

They are best paired with your classic button-up tee for a relaxed but work appropriate fashion style. Or report to work with a pullover sweater on top of your shirt, with the chino, it creates a formal look.

Office fashion is at its best during the fall season. You can style with ease with layered clothing or put on the basics and cover up, pretty much your choice.

Corporate Uniforms & Workwear offers an extensive selection of fall-friendly ensemble. Contact us today at 08 8342 9422 and we will provide you with the most attractive options to wear this season.