Find the perfect scrubs for your team (from hospitals, dentistry, to aged care)

Finding a reliable workwear supplier is a challenge, especially if you work in health care settings that require wearing scrubs. Whether you are seeking medical scrubs uniforms, nursing scrubs, dental scrubs sets, scrubs for aged care or any other workplace, the key to scrubs-shopping is purchasing items that are both high-quality and comfortable.  

A Range of Sizes: Medical Scrubs For Women and Men

One feature all the best scrubs for women, men and anyone who needs them have in common is that they are a proper fit. Not only is it important that every member of your team feels comfortable in their uniform at work, ill-fitting uniforms can also be a safety risk for accidents such as falls. 

So its important that your supplier offers a range of sizes such as plus size scrubs for women and men, unisex sizing and different fits.

Different Colors Available 

Scrubs uniforms are available in all sorts of colors, so why limit yourself to a supplier that offers a limited range?

From the classic white nursing scrubs to less common colors, choosing a uniform supplier that offers different color options is always ideal. The same goes with scrub identifiers which are also available in different color and printed design options. If it is mandatory that your team wears the same colored scrubs at work, choosing different colored scrub identifiers can be a great way to add a touch of personalisation to your uniform and boost team morale.

Even if your workplace currently has a strict uniform policy in place, having a supplier contact that offers more choice may come in handy in future should your uniform needs change. 

A Variety of Designs

It’s 2022, there are now endless scrubs designs on the market and this is something worth taking advantage of. If your team works in different temperatures or even different sites throughout the year, it makes sense having different uniform designs to suit the different settings.

  • Womens Round Neck Scrub Top
  • V-Neck Scrub Tops
  • Crossover Scrub Tops
  • Classic Scrubs Tops and Pants 
  • Cargo Scrub Pants
  • Slim Leg Scrub Pants
  • Straight Leg Scrub Pants
  • Scrub Identifiers 
Womens Straight-Leg Scrub Pant from Corporate Uniforms Australia.

Need A Reliable Uniform and Scrubs Australian Supplier?

For all your scrubs uniform needs, look no further than Corporate Uniforms Australia, a leading uniform supplier that ticks all of the above boxes. 

We have been supplying Australian workplaces, including hospitals and health care settings with the best quality scrubs and workwear since 2005. We also offer branding solutions so that you can customise your uniforms to reflect your brand image. 

To order scrubs for your team, browse our health care uniform range today. If you have any queries, contact us and our friendly team will be happy to help with any questions.