Corporate Uniforms | How to Choose the Best Uniform Fabrics for Your Restaurant Staff?Opening a restaurant is a rewarding experience. Nail it by choosing the right staff uniform for your restaurant by keeping your brand and purpose in mind. As the right staff uniform definitely help to make your restaurant stand out.

Customers notice how your employees are dressed and judge your restaurant based on how the uniform correspond with their expectations. Not only does it create a unique identification but also protects the image of your restaurant by creating a unique brand.

It also promotes a productive environment that meets all the health and safety requirements. Make sure that your uniforms have these key components: comfort, colour, maintenance, message, and materials. These are basic yet essential things which makes your staff outfit versatile while keeping them safe. Plus, it enhances proper sanitation and works on your restaurant branding. There are different positions and people working in your restaurant and it will require different uniforms and each uniform may require different fabric depending upon the staff needs.

For this reason, you may want to consider these quick tips when buying or designing uniforms for your restaurant chefs and waiters.

Fabric for Chef Uniforms:


An essential component of chef uniforms is the jacket or their coat. Heavy cotton fabric can be your best option. The material breathes, which prevents the chefs from being overheated, especially when they are exposed to hot surfaces.  Heavy cotton is also durable even if you frequently wash it. Combination of comfort and safety is a must.


Your chefs should be able to move around the cooking space comfortably and quickly.Loose cotton pants are recommended along with roomier options to enhance mobility and air circulation,  which will enable them to move freely and comfortably.

Fabrics for Your Waiters/Waitresses Uniforms


PCorporate Uniforms | How to Choose the Best Uniform Fabrics for Your Restaurant Staff?olo shirts, screen-printed t-shirts, or dress shirts can be the shirts for your servers. The type of shirts that you’ll use will determine the best fabric to go for, but you may also give careful consideration for comfort. For servers who are working outdoors in hot weather, opt for cotton and other natural fabrics that will allow air to pass through. For those that are in cool environments, use insulating fabrics such as polyester.


Corporate Uniforms | How to Choose the Best Uniform Fabrics for Your Restaurant Staff?For aprons, it is important to go for durable materials that can stand up well to frequent washing as well as stains. Polyester and cotton blend or heavy canvas are the fabrics you can use. You can also consider the moisture-wicking fabric, it is made from polyester and will draw moisture away from your servers’ body, keeping them cool and dry.


Specialty items?

  • Cooks/Chefs: Do they need to wear hats for sanitary purposes or wear a hat that clearly conveys the company logo?
  • Servers: Do you require your servers to wear gloves so they can serve food safely?

Planning is the key to success ss you create a uniform for your restaurant staff.

Do you need help finding the best uniforms for your business?

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