There are various products that you can use to drive and grow your business. Promotional products can be used in different ways as a clever and effective business marketing tool. There are many products that can be used to your advantage to help your business grow and drive successful creative campaigns.

However, we do understand that every business is different and offers a different service, so likewise your needs are going to vary. What might work for one business may not work for the next one and so forth. When implementing your creative advertising and marketing strategies, it is important to identify one that really works. What do we mean by one that really works?

A business strategy that effectively uses promotional products to interact with your target audience, one that promotes your services and employers positively and one that successfully showcases your business name and logo. Essentially, promotional products can be extremely helpful in building a reputable business name and depending on what type of business you own, they can be utilised in different ways.

So, we have decided to help you out with some useful tips on how to go about choosing the absolute best product for you and your business. Following this guide will make sure you are choosing the right promotional product which best showcase your particular business and is going to be successful.

Identify your audience.

We recommend combining creative ideas and analytical thinking. Consumer insights are your best bet when it comes to getting a promotional idea right. In this sense, you can predict what will work and will be the most successful promotional product to use.

When using creative advertising, it is crucial that you choose tactics that directly reflect the audience you are hoping to engage and interact with. The very first part of a strategic business idea is to correctly identify who you are targeting, why you are targeting them and how to target them.

This could mean stripping your ideas right back to the beginning. Outline who they are, their characteristics and demographics, then find a promotional product that coincides with their lifestyle, behaviour and interests.

What do they like? What do they want to see? What are they interested in? These are the types of questions you should ask yourself before investing in promotional products. The age and characteristics of your audience are going to determine the product’s success.

Where are they going to be used? And why?

When deciding on a promotional product, it is a good idea to think about how the product is going to be used or presented. For example, you might invest in promotional products for an upcoming seminar or event. What’s the event and how could a promotional product be implemented into the plan?

The fact is every business event is different but this does not mean there isn’t room for a promotional product to be creatively utilised. Hand out hats, chic stationeries, pack a goodies bag filled with informative flyers or a branded mug. There are countless ways you can use products to showcase your brand.

It’s important that you figure out a way that is going to help keep your business remembered and heard. When somebody leaves your event with a souvenir, it’s likely that they will be encouraged to use your services and recommend them to other professionals or potential customers.

Business or casual, professional or fun – promotional products can be used in various settings. Get it right by investing in the right product. You would not hand out t-shirts to professional clients whereas notebooks/diaries would suffice. Hats or other accessories are great options for fundraisers and other casual events.

Who are your business clients?

Business clients are the people who are going to invest, help your business grow and assist in reaching your business goals. It’s important that you find ways that will effectively impress them.

Promotional products are useful because not only are they a memorable keepsake, but they help clients recognise and recall your business when they are in need. Not every single business would invest in products and this is one of the small factors that could set you apart and separate you from the competitors.

To impress your customers, invest in promotional products which will show that you care about your clients, are always working towards providing the best possible service and are passionate about succeeding. At the end of the day, your relationship with your clients is a fundamental part of a successful business.

What product SUITS your business theme?

If you have a particular business theme or business “vibe”, don’t completely ruin it just because you didn’t properly think about or research on what product would best suit it. There is no point choosing a product that is not going to suit your business because people will be left confused and the image they associate with your business will be altered.

For example, if you are a company that focuses on sports and leisure, choosing business pens and branded notepads probably is not the best option for you. Think outside the box – choose balls, hats, sporting accessories, anything that can be associated with your brand.

For a professional setting, choose something that shows you are sophisticated and thoughtful. For casual seminars and fundraisers, choose something more fun. Decide what type of tone you want to send off and show it through your promotional products.

Check out what we think are some good promotional product options and tips to promote your brand.