Fabric is one of the most important factors to take into consideration before deciding workplace uniform.

Employees wear their uniform day and night, so comfort should be the top priority.

Sometimes although the color of the staff uniform may be right, the fabric quality can be poor. This may add up to extra cost to replace to replace uniforms in a far shorter time than they need to.

All the fabric have pros and cons, you need to make your decision according to your need.

Here are the seven things to consider before deciding on uniform fabrics.


Comfort is a top priority when selecting fabrics for uniforms. Always consider what the staff will be doing in their uniform.

Some of the tactile characteristics of fabric like fabric hand, drape and stiffness influences the comfort of your clothing. Choosing a fabric for uniform depends upon the type of work and also depends on the seasons and living environment.

Odor free

Some types of fabric tend to retain body odor more than others. The key to using clothing to prevent or lessen body odor lies in the fabric’s ability to release sweat quickly before bacteria can begin to feast on it.

Polyester retains body odor, and keeps it even after the clothing is washed. If your work involves lots of sweating and physical activities it is probably not the best choice.

Protection against UV rays

What’s the best way to protect yourself from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays (UVR), given that we need to work outside?

Clothing is the most basic and generally the best means of sun protection. Clothing contributes to the temperature regulating system of the body. Most fibers naturally absorb some UV radiation, and some have elastic threads that pull the fibers tightly together, reducing the spaces between the holes. Synthetic fiber such as polyester, nylon and acrylic are more protective than bleached cottons. Consider the fabric’s weight and density — light, sheer silk gauze will provide far less UV protection than heavy cotton denim.


Comfort and style are obviously important when it comes to clothing, but durability is every bit as crucial.

There are many kinds of staff uniforms which will vary with the seasons, featuring thicker fabric in fall and winter than in spring and summer. A thicker fabric will offer durability. In addition, because seasonal uniforms are only worn during a season, they may last longer than those which are worn all year round.


The fabric chosen for the uniforms must not only be able to be rid of stains and other dirt easily, but be able to be washed over and over.

The fabric and its colors must be able to withstand all kinds of washing cycles. They must also be able to ensure washing with other household fabrics found in the regular daily or weekly wash.


Never underestimate the power of color. Red and orange are known to stimulate the appetite and promote excitement. Yellow is associated with creativity, but needs to be used sparingly or it will cause anxiety. Green is associated with natural elements. Red and yellow are common in fast food restaurants or casual dining establishments. White is excellent in moderation, but be weary of using it where it will stain.

If the fabric chosen is not good at locking in color, this will make it more difficult for employees to wash properly. It is best to choose a professional looking color that flatters most shapes and skin tones; namely navy, grey or black.

Workplace conditions

Changing uniform throughout the seasons is very common and essential for the employees working outdoors and indoor. The conditions of the business play a great influence on employee’s uniform.

Considering all of the different areas of the workplace is essential before deciding what fabric would be best for each situation. Blended fabrics are a great flexible option for a year-round uniform that is comfortable in the summer and not too breezy in the winter.

When selecting fabrics for your uniforms, it’s also important to remember that the more attractive and comfortable the uniform, the more likely your staff will be to treat it with care.

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