Building brand awareness is a mammoth task amongst businesses all year round. However, it can be more difficult around Christmas time when the market place is flooded with an abundance of brands and products for consumers to choose from. Christmas is a busy time for both businesses and consumers, so increasing brand awareness is important.

Generating brand exposure relies heavily on creating an original brand image and offering incentives to clients, customers and stakeholders. This includes branded products.

Embroider your uniforms

First, consider your company uniforms. One of the best ways to market your business is through branded work uniforms. Remember that your employees act as ambassadors or representatives to your business. Not only do uniforms strengthen a team, but they communicate the values of your company based on how your employees behave.

Uniforms are especially important for retail companies at Christmas as it helps consumers to identify which employees can assist them with making their Christmas purchases.

Since Christmas is during the summer time in Australia, your employees in the workplace are likely to have short sleeved uniforms – whether that be short sleeved business shirts, business skirts, t-shirts or polos.

Uniforms can then be branded with embroidered logos which are stylish, durable and attractive. Their high quality ensures that they are long lasting, since they are impossible to wash off.

Offer promotional products

Another way to generate brand exposure for your business is to offer promotional products to both loyal customers and clients, as well as to business partners. After all, everybody loves a good freebie.

The main goal for promotional products is to advertise your business. However, it’s best to choose products that your customers and clients can actually use. These can include office and desk supplies, such as pens, notebooks, diaries, USBs and coffee mugs.

Offering products that have a purpose makes your business appear favourable in its attempts to promote the brand, rather than just advertising on products that have no use to the people they are being given to. Not to mention that each time people use the product, they will remind of your brand, which means it will have a lasting effect on how they view your brand.

Advertising your business through promotional products allows you to grow your clientele, as well as nurture your existing clientele.

Give corporate gifts

Similar to offering promotional products, corporate gifts are a great way to give your brand exposure, especially at Christmas time. It’s likely your business will be giving employees, loyal customers, partners and other stakeholders Christmas gifts, so why not brand them with your company logo?

Again, corporate gifts should be useful. However, they can be less formal than promotional products. The perfect gift is one that is personal to suit the hobbies and interests of the person receiving it. Corporate gifts can include products that can be used outside of work such as wine or beer glasses.

There are a variety of ways to market your business. Considering that Christmas is such a busy time with so much competition in the market place, it’s important to think outside of the box. Offering extra value, while promoting your business, is the best way to go.

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