Today the market is highly competitive and there are several businesses in every industry. You need to have a solid marketing and promotional campaign to enjoy any success of your business.

Promotional products are detectable symbols and they are usually imprinted with a company’s name, logo or message. These products include useful or decorative articles of merchandise that are utilised in marketing campaigns.

And to advertise a business, promotional products are a popular method amongst marketing teams around the world.

However, successful promotional campaigns don’t happen by chance. Marketing campaigns involving promotional products must be clear on company goals, should be carefully planned and budgeted taking into consideration the customers, and of course the ultimate result to be obtained.

Promotional products provide a business with the opportunity to manage the marketing strategy and how the customers see the business. No matter what direction you take or which item you select, be sure you maximise your investment.

To help you out, here are some tips to market your business using promotional products.

1) Set a specific goal: Before you even fix the goals, know which areas your business needs to improve in or could improve. After that set SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timely) goals which will guide you to come up with an attainable action plan in terms of promotional products.

2) Determine your marketing goals: When you start a business or decide to introduce new products and services, having a marketing plan will help you greatly. Develop a marketing strategy and produce promotional merchandise as per the customers’ needs. You should also define the distribution channel to ensure maximum exposure for your brand.

3) Design/create your own marketing theme: You have to focus on your identity when reaching out to new customer base. Having a significant logo, color, and design to all aspects of your marketing campaign, including promotional products’ packaging help create an instantly recognisable image. Select and choose the products which will help you to highlight the business’s message and differentiate your company.

4) Choose a product that your customers will use: It’s important to understand that promotional products have lasting effect on your customers. Define your target market and build promotional items that will serve them a long time. Avoid trends or fads, as well as products that have a shorter shelf life.

5) Build on power of the internet and social media: Promoting a business online involves setting up a business website, participating in industry/trade forum discussions, setting up an account on networking sites, listing your business information in business directories and employing search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques. Similarly, social networks have become the new trend of advertising because much of the legwork is being done by dedicated fans, for free. It can also be a good platform for building goodwill and improving corporate image. Organise contests on various social media platforms and you could give out promotional merchandise to all the participants and winners can get your products or services at a certain discounted rates or even free.

6) Improve customer relations: Put an effort into building a personal relationship with your customers. By providing quality service and distributing gift items, you can create goodwill among your customers. In the same way, when you send out a New year or Christmas card each year, you not only gain customer loyalty but you also inspire customers to promote your business within their network.

Hope these tips for using promotional products in your marketing campaigns prove helpful. For a wide range of high quality promotional merchandise as well as customised promotional items, contact Corporate Uniforms & Workwear. Call 08 8342 9422 today!