While most of us can’t wait for the warmer temperatures to hit our cities, there’s a select few who dread the thought of the summer heat. That’s because they know they will need to work – not relax – in the often unbearable warmth under the sun. Here we are going to know about how to keep your Employees Cool in Summer.

Workers who are exposed to constantly high temperatures while on the job, whether outdoors or indoors – are at risk of several heat-related illnesses, such as heat cramps, heat exhaustion and heatstroke. These risks can be minimised when employers take the right actions to help protect their workers from the heat. One of the easiest ways to do this is to provide appropriate work attire. 

Here are 6 tips to consider when it comes to keeping your employees cool in the summer heat.

Summer must-haves for employees

  1. For that professional look, choose a summer polo: Gone are the days of stiff, heavy polos. Now, you can find summer polos that are lightweight and flowing with moisture-wicking properties. While summer polos won’t make you feel like you’re wearing an ice pack, they will provide some much-needed relief when the mercury rises. And, we all know that even a little bit of relief in summer can go a long way. 
  2. You can leave your hat on: The head absorbs heat quickly, so wearing a hat with good ventilation is a good way to protect the head, face and neck. Look for wide-brim hats that offer that extra bit of shade.
  3. Keep it casual yet smart with a t-shirt: A t-shirt is fast becoming an acceptable form of workwear. Look for tees that offer breathability and comfort, and are made from cotton or cotton blend. Our suggestion? Wear light-coloured clothing as dark colours like black and navy attract the heat.
  4. Protect the eyes with sunglasses: Wearing sunglasses when working outdoors will protect the eyes from the sun’s harsh rays. It will also help to reduce glare.
  5. Slop on sunscreen: Exposed skin while outside is at risk of getting sunburnt. Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen on your hands, neck and ears to protect against UV rays.
  6. Take plenty of breaks and stay hydrated: Encourage your employees to take breaks during the day and to drink lots of fluids.

Ensure your workers are able to stay safe and productive on the job while in the heat by following these helpful tips.

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