What are the most popular promotional products? What an incredibly loaded question. Promotional products come in many shapes and sizes and are fit for different purposes. You could divide this question into categories—for example, ‘what are the best company promotional items?’, or ‘what are the best promo gifts?’.

In the spirit of Corporate Uniforms, let’s focus on the best business promotional items. After all, customised workwear is kind of our thing. Our auxiliary focal point, however, is in sales promotion items. This means that, as well as wearing a shirt bearing your company’s slogan, you can also have a logo-emblazoned keyring to go with it.

So, what promotional items work best? Again, it’s a loaded question. Let’s walk through Corporate Uniforms’ trending promotional products and decide which items work best—for now, and in the interests of enduring interest.

Banners and flags and signs: oh, my!

Aside from customised workwear, perhaps the most successful sales promotion items are banners, flags, and signs. Browse our range and maybe you’ll recognise our teardrop flag, bearing the slogan of everyone’s favourite sandwich shop:


Moreover, if you’ve ever been to a convention or exhibition event, you’ll have definitely seen premium banners (purchase them through us and you can customise the size!):

premium banners

Our banners, flags, and signs are so integral to everyday life that you may take them for granted. In this sense, they are indeed the best promotional products, but whether they’re the most popular promotional items is another matter. Is something popular if it’s so ingrained that you don’t notice it—like this outdoor banner, for example?

outdoor banner

Ever been to a farmer’s market? We were there in spirit.

Unless the signage takes the form of an Ugly Sweater Beaver or similar, we’d say the answer is no.

Ugly Sweater Beaver

The sweater is the only ‘ugly’ thing about these little guys. What an adorable form of signage!

So, what are the most popular promotional products?

If we had to put our finger on it, we’d return to our opening sentiment and say that keyrings are the most popular promotional items—with pens coming in at a close second. Think back to every exhibition you’ve been to. Promotional keyrings and pens are common freebies or show-bag stuffers.

popular promotional items promotional items

Why are keyrings and pens such popular promo items? For one thing, they’re typically inexpensive to make or purchase. You could spit these out for a dime a dozen or purchase one for less than a takeaway coffee. For another thing, they’re practical. Regardless of whether you like the brands they’re promoting, pens are never unuseful. And keyrings are always good to have on hand.

The case of lanyards

An alternate viewpoint is that lanyards are the most popular promotional items. Whilst this is a valid viewpoint, lanyards fall into that awkward grey area of being sometimes optional but often necessary. There are some businesses that make a killing by creating custom lanyards. Lanyards’ supposed popularity, however, is bolstered by the fact that they’re also safety items. They’re often required in office-based workplaces or at public events. Taking this on board, how much of lanyards’ popularity can you truly attribute to recreational use? And is their role in the workplace blurring the lines between the concepts of popularity and financial success?

most popular promotional items popular promotional item

The answer lies in how you define ‘popularity’. Lanyards may be most popular in terms of their financial figures—but so, too, are cans of baked beans. Can you really call staple items popular just because they sell well? It depends on your perspective, as well as the market you’re selling to.


To wrap it up…

In any case, Corporate Uniforms has an extensive collection of trending promotional products available for purchase. You can customise these items to help promote your business! When deciding what to buy, consider their function and whether they’re for internal or external distribution. Perhaps you need something to grab external attention, perhaps you want to entice prospective customers, or perhaps you just need some staff incentives or freebies. Whatever you choose, it never hurts to perform a cost–benefit analysis. 

If you’re ready to make an enquiry, call Corporate Uniforms on (08) 8342 9422 or fill out our form to request a quote. We look forward to hearing from you!