Summer is quickly approaching, which means most work places are transitioning from winter workwear to garments more appropriate for the warmer weather. Polo tops are a popular choice amongst a range of businesses as they’re versatile and comfortable. Although quite casual, polo tops still communicate a professional look. Not only are they encouraged as uniform in the workplace, but polos are also great for everyday wear.

Do you think your workplace could benefit from wearing polos as part of their uniform? Here are our must have polos that tick all boxes!

Trades wear

Hi-vis polo tops are a staple for trades wear. Tradies work predominantly outdoors in the heat and are likely to sweat due to nature of their manual labour jobs. So, safety and comfort are the two most important requirements in their work uniforms.

Trades wear polos should be lightweight and durable. Brands such as Bisley Workwear and JB’s Wear ensure that safety and quality of their garments are their main focus. Working with trusted suppliers means that Corporate Uniforms & Workwear can offer high quality polos made from soft and breathable materials. Trades wear polos come in both cotton and a poly-cotton blend to ensure moisture-wicking garments stay dry performing manual labour in the summertime.

Sports wear

Polo tops are a must for active wear and are popular amongst sporting teams. Similar to trades wear, active polo tops must be light, durable and comfortable for physical activity. This can be achieved by the material used in the garment. Biz Collection offers a large range of polos, all of which are made from light and breathable fabric, including micro polyester.

Each polo available in the collection comes in a different style. For example, the ladies flash polo comes with an open “V” placket in the neck line. Having a range of styles to choose from is essential for sports teams to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

It’s also important to incorporate a team logo in sports polos, which can be achieved through embroidery as it’s durable and professional-looking.

Casual wear

Polo tops can be worn for everyday wear. They offer a casual and comfortable option for office workers, and is an opportunity for staff to stay branded at work events such as daytime charity events.

For such circumstances, the look and style of the polo is what matters. Gear For Life, one of our trusted suppliers, offers a range of casual polos that vary in style. For example, Dri Gear Axis Polos are available with a zipped placket, as an alternative to button up polos. Their Dri Gear Eyelet Polo is a popular option, giving a professional look with white piping along its raglan sleeves.

These polos can also be branded with company logos.

While there are many polo tops to choose from, it’s helpful to ensure that they tick all of the boxes for the warmer weather – style, comfort, light and breathable fabrics, and durability.
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