2019 is upon us and it’s likely you have a number of New Year’s resolutions that involve exercising and keeping fit. Here are some new sportswear trends to help you stick to your goals.

Polos and singlets

Polos have increased in popularity because they are so versatile and trendy. They’re great for sports such as golf and tennis and offer maximum comfort while exercising.

Our range of polos is either made from 100% polyester or a polyester blend, which makes them breathable, lightweight and sweat-wicking.

Singlets are another big trend for summer sportswear as they are also a comfortable and flexible option. They can either be fitted or baggy depending on what you find more comfortable.

Bright Colours

A big trend for activewear is bright colours. This includes lively colours such as neon pink, blue, green, yellow and orange.

It is suggested that bright colours have great physiological effects on people when they exercise. That’s because the colours are uplifting and energising, encouraging more of a hard workout.

Caps and Hats

Accessories are a necessity for sportswear. Not only do hats look trendy, but they are also practical to wear in the summer to block out the sun.

Our large range of sports hats includes  baseball caps  and bucket hats. This includes our Razor Soft Fit Sports Caps, which come in navy blue.

We partner with trusted suppliers such as Flexfit, Headwear Professionals and Grace Collection, to ensure top quality products.

Custom your sportswear

Customising your sportswear with your brand logo is perfect for bulk purchase for your sports team or staff. The two most common ways to customise your sportswear is through printing or embroidery. Both have many major benefits, but the option you decide will depend on how you want your sportswear to look. Both embroidery and printing are durable options and a great way for your team to stay unified.

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