Polo shirts are a popular first choice for businesses when deciding on work attire. Below we have listed the top 6 reasons why you should consider supplying polo shirts for your team:

1. Professional

Polo shirts are a smart idea for your team’s uniform attire. Why? They signify professionalism and are smart looking when compared to a crew or V-neck t-shirt. The ribbed cuffs, button down and collar detail provide a good first impression and are cost effective.

2. Comfort and wearability

Polo shirts not only look smarter; they are also comfortable and casual. We stock a diverse range of polo shirts that are ideal for any work requirement. Corporate Uniforms and Workwear also stock polo shirts for kids, men and women, for a variety of different occasions and activities. Whether it is for sport, trade, or casual, we’ve got your team covered.

3. Hardwearing

Polo shirts are more heavyweight and durable compared to normal t-shirts. The fabric used is durable and hard wearing. This makes team polo shirts a great idea for trade or hospitality industries, where your employees will be regularly washing their garments.

4. Branding

Embroidered team polo shirt shows off your brand’s logo well. A branded polo is a great first impression and guarantees your employees stay branded at work events. Embroidered logos will last longer compared to print, as it won’t fade or peel.

For corporate or social events, the look and style of a polo is ideal. Gear For Life, one of our trusted suppliers, offers a range of casual polos that vary in style. For instance, Dri Gear Axis Polos are available with a zipped placket, as an alternative to button up shirts. The Dri Gear Eyelet Polo is also a popular choice for a professional look, adding white piping along its raglan sleeves.

5. Colourful

When looking at polo shirts, there are a variety of different colours available. Usually our designers use coloured panels – the sleeves are one colour with the chest being another. This method is attractive, eye-catching and identifiable, which is a great solution for those in the hospitality, delivery, or trade industry.

6. Cost-effective.

You’ll be pleased to know that polo shirts are less expensive than what many people think. After all, no one wants to spend a fortune on work attire, no matter how attractive that might seem. We have a range of options at different price points so check them out on our website.

There are so many polo tops to choose from regarding your team’s requirements – style, comfort, light and breathable fabrics, and durability.

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