Polo shirts are a staple for most company uniforms. That’s because they are very versatile and perfect for a number of different companies and industries.

Polo shirts work well in businesses with casual work attire, as well as those with more professional work attire. They are also great for both the cold and warm seasons. Polo shirts designed for the summer months are made to be very breathable and lightweight.

Here are some things to consider when choosing polo shirts for the summertime:


Corporate Uniforms | Polo Shirts That Define Summer

Summer attire should be lightweight, breathable and sweat-wicking. This is especially useful for sportswear polos and Hi-Vis polos for tradespeople. Both require laborious work outdoors, and so the people wearing these polos are more likely to sweat and need maximum comfort.

Our range of polo shirts is mostly made from 100% polyester or polyester blends. This gives them maximum breathability and makes them incredibly lightweight and comfortable. Our trusted suppliers include Sports Leisure and Gear For Life.



Corporate Uniforms | Polo Shirts That Define Summer

Summer polo shirts should also be comfortable, which usually comes hand-in-hand with being lightweight. You want to ensure that your employees are as comfortable as possible in their workwear. This allows them to perform better at their job and increase overall productivity and work morale.

High-quality materials ensure that a garment is comfortable to wear. It’s important not to cut costs when purchasing polo shirts for your business. Cutting costs often compromises on quality. To ensure you get the best quality clothing, it’s helpful to request a sample before placing a large order.



Corporate Uniforms | Polo Shirts That Define Summer

Polo shirts should also be trendy. A trendy uniform encourages your staff to actually want to wear their uniform and represent your brand. It also makes a lasting impression to your customers and clients and increases your brand reputation.

This summer, be sure to look for polo shirts that are lightweight, comfortable and trendy for your staff. At Corporate Uniforms and Workwear, we offer a large range of casual, corporate, sports, and promotional polo shirts. To find out more information about our range, visit our website here or contact us today to place your order.