It is almost time to put away your knitwear and coats as we once again look forward to warmer days ahead. And since you’re already clearing out some clothes, this is the perfect time to spring clean it and work on your sustainable wardrobe!

The trick to properly decluttering your wardrobe is not to simply keep what you like. Understand what you need and understand what is important. Let go of the clothes you do not need and keep a wardrobe that is filled with clothes you actually wear. This is the secret to building a wardrobe that is sustainable and clutter-free.

To achieve this goal, you will have to:

Set the Mood

The first step is to understand what you want to wear and keep in your sustainable wardrobe. In essence, you need to define your look which does sound harder  than it looks.

Take a deep breath and think about your day-to-day activities. What makes you feel comfortable and confident? Check out brands that you like along with fashion icons, Instagram influencers, and even the people you know who you feel are well-dressed.

Once you are able to visualise your look, create a mood board which will help guide you on what clothes to keep based on the look you want.

Go Through your Clothes

Now that you have an idea of what you want to keep, it is time to go through your clothes and see what should stay in your sustainable wardrobe and what should go. Select the pieces that you wear a lot from the clothes that are gathering dust in the closet.

On the second pile, review them if there are pieces that you feel can be given new life or can somehow be useful in the future. These will go to a third pile.

After this step, you should have a pile of yes clothes, no clothes, and maybe clothes.

Fill in the Blanks

An important part of creating a sustainable wardrobe is to check your yes clothes and compare it with the mood you’ve set in the beginning. Does it match your vision? Or is something missing out?

If there are missing pieces, then what can you do in order to fill it? Don’t feel pressured to shop for new clothes. This is what the maybe pile is for. Are there clothes in here that you can turn into a yes?

A new hemline, a splash of new colour, or maybe a simple change in cut can extend the life of these maybes and fill in what you need for your sustainable wardrobe.

If something is still missing, then you should consider shopping for clothes that are sustainable. This means clothes that will go on the yes pile for a long time.

Sustainable Shopping

At this point, you now have a working sustainable wardrobe essentially taken from your yes pile and clothes from the maybe pile that you’ve given new life to. But most of the time, this will not be enough and you will need to shop for sustainable clothes that you will be able to use for a long time.

More often than not, shopping needs would include daily clothes for work to fill in the gaps of your wardrobe. You might have gotten rid of a lot of work clothes that you no longer feel confident in and kept a few. This means you’d need more of those yes clothes.

At the same time, you might need specialised clothing depending on what you do and the weather. You may no longer feel comfortable in your winter jackets and have gotten rid of a lot of them so you’ll need to complete your sustainable wardrobe.

In doing your sustainable shopping, focus on the quality of the clothes you buy. It’s okay to spend a bit more now if you know they will last for years to come.

Make them Last

The lifespan of your wardrobe also depends on how you take care of them. Quality clothing deserves tender loving care.

This means you should follow the care instructions when washing your clothes. For knitwear, remember to fold them rather than hanging them. And speaking of hanging, make sure to use environmentally friendly hangers rather than plastic ones. These small steps can reduce the long-term impacts to your clothes and help them last longer and it’s also one step closer towards sustainability right?

Order Quality Clothes

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