Now that Autumn has settled in and the days are getting colder and wetter, it’s the perfect time to upgrade your workwear with some winter-friendly options. And in terms of warmth and comfort, nothing compares to the every-popular, embroidered fleece jacket. Let’s take a look at what makes embroidered fleece jackets so ideal as workwear. 

Why Custom Embroidered Fleece Jackets?

There are so many reasons why fleece jackets are a popular workwear item. Companies and the staff who wear fleece jackets love them because they are:

  • Made from polyester fleece material – super warm and cosy to wear!
  • Unisex – a staple item that is suitable for everyone
  • Available in kids sizes too 
  • Easy to get embroidered 
  • Extremely durable and long-lasting
  • Comfortable enough for everyday use, even outside of work 
  • Made from moisture-wicking material 
  • Relatively cheap, especially when ordered in bulk 
  • Easy to dress up or down with Fleece hoodies being the more casual option 

Now, let’s get into the different ways a fleece can be incorporated into your work uniform:

Company Fleece Jackets Look Professional In Many Industries!

Fleece jackets are extremely versatile. Zip-up fleece jackets, vests, jumpers and pullovers are professional yet comfortable enough to be worn in all kinds of different work environments across different industries. 

This can include: 

  • Office work
  • Jobs that require mobility across different sites
  • Outdoor work 
  • Trades and manual labour jobs that are not too physically intensive (you would definitely overheat)

Unless your dress code is more formal, you could probably do with more fleeces in the workplace! 

All you need to do is organise a large order of good quality company fleece jackets customised with your company logo. You can choose a smart, neutral colour such as black, grey or white or provide various options to your staff so they can take their pick. 

Promotional Fleece Jackets For Events, Shows and Conferences

Promotional workwear is brilliant for work events and boosting morale especially when you are onboarding new staff or hosting team building exercises. You can order branded fleece jackets during the planning period of your event or cause, or order today in bulk so that they are ready in advance. Promotional fleece jackets can be customised to include the name of your company, team, event or promotional product/service.  

H2: Make Your Own Fleece Jackets For Corporate Gifts or Special Occasions

Companies that have set uniforms already may specially order fleece jackets with custom logos to use for special occasions or corporate giftware. If you’re celebrating a company milestone this winter or want to give your employees a practical gift at your End of Financial Year party, you may want to consider getting some embroidered fleece jackets made. 

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Order Corporate Fleece Jackets in Adelaide

For all your corporate wear needs, including stylish options in fleece jackets and vests contact the friendly team at Corporate Uniforms today or browse our fleece collection online.  We offer a variety of fleece hoodies, jackets and sweats in a range of size to suit every member of your staff as well embroidery services for the perfect finishing touch!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is fleece made from?

A common misconception is that the typical fleece is made from sheep’s wool as the name suggests. Some fleece jackets and vests are, however, a lot of them are actually made from polyester. This is because it is a more versatile and accessible material, durable, warmer and more efficient at wicking moisture. 

Does poly fleece shrink?

Whether your fleece jacket is made from polyester or natural materials, it should not shrink when it is washed. Polyester fleece is especially durable and definitely should not shrink in a regular wash cycle. More sensitive materials such as cotton may be affected if washed in really hot water.