Are you looking for a uniform that has the ability to capture anyone’s attention and immediately recognise it with your company?

Uniform is a kind of a representative. It has the ability to be identified with the company it represents and what the company stands for. It is one of the reasons why companies take their time and think a lot when deciding about what their employees’ work wear should be.

A uniform should not only make the staff look neat and crisp, but he/she should be able to perform his/her work with ease and comfort.

A few important things to consider when deciding your company’s work wear are- functionality, durability, safety, quality, design and comfort.

Let’s help you achieve your company’s work wear look without overspending your budget.

1.Don’t be in a hurry to choose the uniform.

As mentioned before you should not rush things when it comes to choosing a work wear for your company. A uniform creates an image that is associated with your business. That is why you have to consider a number of things before deciding on a work wear that best suits your company’s requirements. Say you like another company’s uniform and want the same design for your organisation, this is not going to work as it may not be appropriate for your company.

2.Right image and practical in nature

It is already stated that a uniform conveys your business’s image to the public. Your uniform should be able to give out the right impression for your business as well as being practical while actually performing the job. So, get a couple of uniform designs or samples, and from that you can select one which represents your corporate image in an instant.

In order to do so, the uniform should incorporate at least one or two colors of the company. Colors have the power to remain in one’s subconscious, so use this to your advantage. The work wear should also be able to boost employees’ confidence and make them look professional while dealing with customers. Their confidence and how they look in return can help your company stay in the customer’s mind for a long time.

3.Check the sample product.

It’s important to see the sample product (in this case- the work wear) first hand to check the quality. You may order in bulk only after being satisfied with the product. You want the apparels to be of desired quality, functional as well as be a representative of your brand.

While inspecting the clothing, make sure you check the seams, if the apparel has interconnected or double seams, it means it is of good quality and will hold its shape in the long run.

And if you want your work wear to be of highest quality, with higher durability and make your employees look neat and smart, ultimately making your company itself look good in the eyes of all, choose an apparel which has finely finished seams.

4.Practical or not?

This may be the simplest thing to consider but it is a crucial one. Say you love the uniform of an airline, but you cannot have it for your employees who work in mines, the idea is simply absurd. Same goes for hospitality uniforms which cannot be worn in dental clinics.

Now that you are clear on the matter of practicality for a uniform and why it is important to a specific field/business, there are other small details which also need to be looked into. For instance, whether the uniform has to have extra or large pockets or not, do your staff need knee pads with pants, whether the work wear  needs to be in bright or dark colour depending on the environment, do your employees need HIGH VISIBILITY clothing items or not, etc.

You have to take into account all these factors when deciding a uniform for your company. Most importantly, you have to look at the nature of the tasks to be performed by the staff as well as the work environment before creating a uniform.

5.What your employees recommend

Since your employees are the one who have to wear and work in the uniform, they have better understanding and knowledge about what works and what does not. They need a work wear that is best suited to do their job in. If you want the uniform to be functional and comfortable, you have to listen to what they have to say. Take their views into consideration when coming up with a uniform; it will help you create much better apparel for the workplace.

6.What’s work environment like

This is an obvious factor to consider when deciding on what kind of work wear you want for your business. Whether your employees have to work outdoors or indoors affect the decision. Take for example: if your employees work outdoors, during winter they will need jackets and gloves to keep warm and comfortable.

Select a uniform which is suitable for the climate and temperature your employees have to work in. When you take this factor into consideration, your employees can work in comfort and will be protected from the natural elements.

7.Pick high quality clothing

Your first pick for uniform should always be of high quality clothing. They may be a bit expensive but it is worth the investment. Because high quality garments are durable and will look good for a long time.

Low quality clothing may be cheaper to buy at first; however, you may end up with a few defective ones while others will deteriorate in a very short time. As a result, you will need to order new pair of uniforms all over again, costing you more money.

Plus people notice superior quality clothing when they see it! So, if you have high quality uniforms, your customers will have positive impression about the business and the brand.

8.Uniforms promote your business

Uniforms are representative of your brand. When people see it they immediately recognise which company it belongs to. You can customise the uniform with the company logo and tagline. This is an effective way to promote your business.

If you are a startup company, when people see your employees wearing the uniform to and from work, they will be curious to find out which company’s it is and what do they do. Some may even ask your employees to tell them more about the company. For this, it’s a much less expensive way of advertisement.

9.Bulk purchase and savings

As a business you have to cut cost whenever it’s possible. When it comes to ordering and buying uniforms, you should go for bulk purchase to get great discounts and offers from your work wear supplier. When you purchase uniforms in high volume you will save in transportation cost as well.

10.Get trusted & quality uniform provider

When you decide to order and buy uniforms for your company, make sure you find a trusted and quality uniform supplier. They will design, produce and supply the uniforms you desire within your budget without compromising the quality.

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