Winter is fast approaching and soon we will be blanketed by cold weather again. People who are used to working outdoors will now have a difficult time doing so. For one, it is harder to get out of your warm bed during this climate. Two, working out in the winter can be challenging. But this shouldn’t be a reason for you to forego your exercise routine. All you need are the right winter workout clothes to protect you from the cold and help you get going.

With that in mind, here are some tips and tricks on how you should dress and how you can continue working out during the winter.

Know How to Dress

Learning how to dress is probably the most important thing you should learn first. Lesson 1 is to make use of proper layers with winter workout clothes. This means wearing the right base layer, mid-layer, and outer layer.

The base layer is the one that comes into contact with your skin. It is ideal that this is tight fitting to keep your body warm and dry. A great pair of leggings such as the Ladies Flex Full Leggings are a great choice for a base layer for your pants.

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The mid-layer would then provide insulation and should be a bit lose, so they carry moisture out of the base layer thus keeping you from getting chills. Ideal materials for this layer are polyester, wool, fleece, and some synthetic blends made specifically for winter workout clothes.

A good choice for the mid-layer is the Unisex Fleecy Pants. They come in many different sizes and colours to fit you and your style.

red workout cloth

The outer layer depends on the weather. Sometimes you need it, other times you can let it go or even interchange the outer layer with the mid-layer. It all depends on how cold it is outside.

The main purpose of the outer layer is to block the wind blowing on your skin while allowing the moisture inside to escape. This is why a lot of outer layer winter workout clothes provide a variety of ventilation options. A good example of this is the Pace Hoodie for both men and women which comes in a variety of sizes and colours.

Pace Hoodie

Winter can be quite wet as well with all the rain so another good outer layer can be the Adult Wet Weather Running Jacket. This is designed to protect you from rain and keep your body dry. It features front zipped pockets. This is made from 100% nylon material, perfect for running.

The colour is also bright so other people can notice you easier while you are out on a run or cycling.

Blue workout jacket

Protect your Extremities

During cold weather, it is your extremities that chill first with proper winter workout clothes. This includes your hands, head, ears, and nose. Exposure to cold wind can make these body part very uncomfortable and it would be a good idea to protect these first.

One way is to wear a cap such as the Razor Soft Fit Sports Cap which is designed to protect your head from cold chills.

sportswear for women

Stylish, elegant, and effective, this cap will certainly keep your head warm during a run outside.

Be Informed

Winter workout clothes are just the tip of the iceberg when you want to stay active during this season. You also have to stay informed in order to workout safely. You should always check weather forecasts about how cold it would be when you plan to exercise. Take special notice on the wind chill factor. This is a great indicator of how cold it would be and how you should dress.

If it is very cold, then you should put on all three layers. If it’s within your comfort zone, then two layers might do.

By staying informed, you can make the right decisions and be able to workout safely even during the winter.

Find a Buddy

And of course, it is always ideal to workout with a friend or a partner for safety purposes. Whether it is running outside or lifting weights in the gym, having others around you simply makes things safer.

Get the Best Winter Workout Clothes

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