School uniforms can be stuffy and proper and this means that many children do not want to wear them to school. A better approach is the implementation of embroidered polo shirts because they are easy to wear and extremely comfortable.

There are several reasons why embroidered polo shirts make the best school uniforms, including:

1) These garments can be easily branded by placing an embroidered logo over the left breast.

2) Students can easily be classified into several groups i.e. prepatory, senior, etc. through using different colored shirts as a way to identify those groups. Students can take pride in wearing different colors as they progress through their years at school.

3) A polo shirt offers the formality of a shirt while being a completely comfortable option. School uniforms should be durable and comfortable and should also reflect school values. Embroidered polo shirts are often combined with trousers or skirts to create a school uniform that everyone enjoys wearing. Embroidery is a way to incorporate a logo and bring all of the pieces together into an ensemble.

4) Polo shirts are an easy item to use with other clothing items to be worn in layers and allow students to express themselves in a meaningful way.

5) Polo shirts do not need to be dry cleaned or ironed or even washed in a special way. These shirts are also available in materials that dry quickly so that they can be washed on the fly to be ready for the following school day without becoming wrinkled. The material of these shirts also tends to be fade resistant which means that it will continue to look nice over the years.

6) Easy wearing. These shirts are loose so that a child can wear a vest below it or a sweater or a sweatshirt over top if it is cold.

7) Polo shirts are extremely affordable and provide great value for the money for parents who have a budget and need to get kids ready for school in September.

8) The design is nice. Everyone wants to look good, even kids, so this option is perfect.

9) Polo shirts are extremely durable and practical. These clothing items will withstand a great deal of wear and tear because most kids are not too concerned about looking after whatever they are wearing while they are on the playground.

10) Many sizing options. Children tend to be a lot bigger these days than they were years ago. They need more options for sizes and clothes that are comfortable to wear.

11) Dark colours are the better option for school uniforms. Many children cannot keep a white shirt white, so why do schools torture parents with these light colour options?  Darker tones are the better choice if they are accepted by your child’s school. If the school has fewer colours the cost will be much lower.

12) If the school is open to it, a competition could be held to allow children to have a say in the design of their polo shirt. This is a good way to ensure school pride and a sense of belonging.

School uniforms are starting to take on a more unisex feel today and this helps boys and girls to feel as though they belong together in the school setting. Just because a uniform is unisex does not mean it has to be drab and the more creative that schools become with logos, the more desirable the items of clothing become. Long sleeve polos are another really great option instead of the short sleeved polo shirt. This option works well for colder months during the school year.

Collar details are another really great option because the extra colour pop can be a place where school colours are featured. When the simple white polo shirt is not an option, colours are the best option and this is why many schools are choosing to use solid colours such as navy, red and green. The primary colour scheme is making a big comeback and is becoming very popular amongst schools.

If your child is going back to school this year and you want to get them a polo shirt that compliments their school uniform, why not get in touch with us at Corporate Uniforms and Workwear. We can add a school logo with custom embroidery for any item of clothing that you wish including our wide selection of comfortable and trendy polo shirts. If you contact us we can help you with deciding where the logo should be placed (usually on the left breast pocket) and then we can help you with sizing and colours that will complement the school uniform.

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