Winter is here again. Are you ready to battle the cold?

Staying warm is simple when you know, how and what to wear. Mix and match, wear comfortable clothes and still have a stylish appearance for that corporate look.

Don’t know where to start? Need help?

Then check out these useful tips for smart dressing in winter for the office.

    1. Weather conditions outside can be freezing cold while it’s warm inside the office. Preparing for both situations, you’ll need to use clever layering ideas.You can either wear a jacket or jumper over your shirt to keep you warm when you step outside. Then take it off when you are in the office when it becomes too warm to be comfortable.If you are planning to wear a dress to work then wear a cardigan or jacket over it. Accessorise with a cool belt or scarf to complete your corporate look for winter.
    2. As for the footwear, Ugg boots are really comfortable for travel. However, it is a casual look rather than a corporate one. Many corporate offices will have their own dress code, and Ugg boots usually aren’t appropriate.There are other comfortable boots which are usually lined that are suitable for corporate wear during the winter.If you don’t want give Uggs entirely away, one thing you can do is to wear it while in transit, and change into comfy yet stylish boots when you arrive at the office. This way you can keep up the smart office look without too much discomfort.
    3. There are times when you are required to step outside for meetings, conferences or to attend various corporate events. And since the weather is chilly, you need protection from the cold by wearing a cool and chic looking coat. Don’t go for the puffa or arctic parka. Remember, first impressions are important in the corporate world. Wool or cashmere coats with a good cut, style and fitting is ideal for such occasions.
    4. Black is the ‘all-time favorite’ colour for most of us. Black clothes are worn more in the winter. We also tend to grab and wear it when time is short. We wear it in case of emergencies as a fail safe option. You can be guaranteed that many of us will possess at least one black outfit in our wardrobe.Most black outfits make us look and feel good even when we are totally dressed in black from head to toe. From wearing black pants, sweaters, dresses, skirts and shirts to coats and shoes, these are perfect for making your corporate uniform look professional and smart.Along with navy and grey coloured apparel they are all perfect choices for creating the corporate look and can be matched up with black too.
    5. Dresses with full sleeves are an option for the corporate uniform in winter. However if you chose to wear a dress with short sleeves or is sleeveless, pair it up with a neat cardigan or a blazer.
    6. Blazers are a great piece of clothing to have in your wardrobe as it protects you from the elements while still keeping that professional image. Play with bold colours and edgy styles for an exciting look, or you can play it safe yet still look chic with a classic cut and styled blazer.
    7. And for work trousers, the options are endless. You can wear trousers with chic a cut and elegant patterns to the office while pairing it with sleek shirts or blouses. Add a blazer or a long coat to complete the look.


If you think your outfit is looking dull, add life to it with unique and stylish jewellery. A statement piece can spice up the corporate look. It can be a bag or a classy-wrist watch.

Well these are a few helpful tips for dressing in winter for work.

Do you have your own style ideas for creating that perfect corporate look without losing the warmth and comfort? Share your corporate winter fashion with us. We would love to hear from you.

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