Winter is here and it’s time you recognise the importance of warmth and the risks that come with working outside in cold climates. Cold weather, air, and water doesn’t only draw heat out of the body but also forces the body to work harder to maintain the body temperature. If one fails to understand or prepare for the risks of working outdoors during winter, they may end up paying dearly for it.

With proper planning and training, employers can help their outdoor workers keep away from the risks and dangers of winter. Planning for winter includes wearing appropriate clothing and being aware of how your body is adapting to the cold. Conditions such as cold stress, hyperthermia, frostbite and trench foot are common in people working outside during cold.

Protective clothing of high quality and comfort should be worn all the time when working under winter elements to stay safe and productive. Following are few helpful tips to prepare your employee for the cold season.

  • Use layering system, they provide better insulation. The different layers help in trapping body heat and maintain the body temperature.
  • Avoid cotton at any cost, as they do more damage than keep you warm.
  • Always carry an extra pair of change clothes. It will come in handy in case you get wet.
  • Wear hats, gloves, mitts, gaiters if you are working in extremely cold conditions.
  • Wear appropriate shoes and double layer thermal socks as legs and toes are more prone to frostbite.

People especially those who are concerned about their safety chose branded items over non-branded items. So why branded items? Why not non-branded items? Besides safety, there are many reasons for this, let’s find out what they are:

  • Brands provide peace of mind

Consumers seek comfort and satisfaction in their lives. Some of them go to the movies, some look towards nature and others get from shopping. If a brand delivers positive experience in a constant manner, consumers form an opinion that the brand is reliable and trustworthy, which provides peace of mind for them (consumers) when buying any product.

  • Brands save decision-making time

Suppose you are in the market to buy an HDTV. If you stroll through the market, you can find hundreds’ of options. Choosing just one from so many options can be difficult. But when you make up your mind about a particular brand you want to buy, you can save a lot of time.

  • Brands create trust

There are more items in a department store aisle than you could ever possibly buy. But what allows us to choose the same peanut butter or same t-shirt every time? The brand, right? We choose grocery products, clothing items and others on the basis of brand without even giving a second thought. Why? Because we trust it.

  • Brands express who we are

Brands we use express who we are. What smartphone do we use? What kind of car we drive? Brands we use in our daily life makes a statement at a first glance. Apple’s famous slogan “if you don’t have an iPhone, you don’t have an iPhone” shows how a brand can reflect personality of the user.

And moreover,

  • Brands provide safety

Safety is one of the key reasons we choose branded products over non-branded. People generally avoid risks and seek safety, it’s a human nature. For example, construction company uses branded products for their workers and machines, why? Because they offer the guarantee of safety, reduces the risk and also workers feel safe when they are using branded machinery as well as wearing branded safety work wear.

When it comes to winter work wear, branded uniforms are the key. You can’t use non-branded work wears saying it’s for a short time. This can have negative effect on you in future. Corporate Uniforms & Workwear has one of the best collection of brand suppliers for office uniforms and work wear. When it comes to winter workwear, safety is our main concern, and we maintain a high standard in this regard. For more information and queries, contact us via email or via phone 08 8342 9422.