No matter how relaxed your work environment is, dressing up when under freezing temperature can be tricky. The primary consideration during these times is to be warm and maintain that professional look. The question of what to wear to the office is overwhelming especially if you have a pretty bad experience in layering. So how do you dress up for the winter days? The requirement is to look warm and comfortable with a whip of confidence and professionalism. With a few must-have pieces, you can achieve the look in less effort.

Women’s Workwear Guide

What to Wear

women wearing pink coat

Choose warm fabrics like wool, cashmere and flannel for dresses. Make sure that is comfortably fitting, too tight or too loose dresses will make you feel uneasy and freezing. Play with your scarf and gloves to make your dress look cosy and subtle.

If jeans are your thing, putting on your daily shirt will not protect you from the cold. Invent a little with bright coloured turtleneck shirt or sweaters accessorise with a blazer or coat to get that warm and comfy but sleek professional look.

Never go out without a good long overcoat. This is a must-have to get that bold, professional vibe.

A reliable pair of comfy boots, bellies or closed-toe pumps will help your feet endure the cold weather.

What Not to Wear

Close-up fashion portrait of young stylish hipster girl

No vibrant coloured looking leggings underneath your dress, go all the way basic with black pairs.

Avoid wearing tall boots as they tend to make you look more of a party guest than a professional.

Nothing too loud or sparkly as well. Remember you are dressing up for work in winter not declaring a new fashion statement. Leave your fishnet stocking and coloured leggings at home and opt for mild, primary colours to endure the day.

Black works best with anything during the winter season.

Men’s Workwear Guide

What to Wear

Outdoor portrait of smiling handsome man in coat and scurf

Stick with the basics.  Don’t stray too far away from your suits or jackets. If it helps, start a winter wardrobe collection.

Maintain that sleep and professional look, without burying yourself in layers and layers of clothing just to combat the cold.

A wool sweater topped with a vest or a vest topped with a sport coat jacket can perfect that office ensemble.

Pair a collared shirt with lightweight knitwear and jacket, keep your personal style with simple staple outfits.

Get from point A to point B with your trusted shoe boots while looking stunningly attractive and professional.


What Not to Wear

Standing with Flip flops in the snow

Leave your loafers and flipflops. You are not attending a body boot camp or a party event, you are reporting for work.

Never trade comfort for style, when you are trapped between choosing your latest ensemble or going out with the appropriate winter clothing.

Even when your company allows flexibility in dress code, keep in mind that you will be battling cold the minute you step out of your home.

Whatever you decide to put on, make sure to choose breathable clothing, wind and water repellant, comfortable and most importantly impart that professional vibe.

Prepare for that chilly morning outfit by scouring our winter collection. Corporate workwear and Uniform want you to stay warm and stylish even in the harshest of weather. Request for a free estimate for your department’s winter workwear today.